Beech Mountain Hike

Persistent internet problems have reduced my ability to respond to comments, likes, and shares of my posts as quickly as I would like, so I will take this opportunity to say “thanks for your patience” as I work through those issues.    Your support of my blog is greatly appreciated!!

While showing a visitor around the island and the park for the first time last week, I had the occasion to take a new (to me) hike – Beech Mountain.

We started out the day with this short and relatively easy hike located on “the quiet side” of the island.    It was a beautiful late September day, pleasantly cool; perfect for hiking uphill!   Here and there, the leaves were beginning to change their colors, as you can see from the picture below.



Beech mountain is one of the smaller peaks on this side of the island, but from the back side, it offers the best views of Long Pond and Mansell Mountain, as you make your ascension.





I don’t travel to this side of the island very often, and have been itching to try some of the hikes (of which there are many); so I was glad to get this opportunity.    At the top of Beech Mountain is a unique feature, a fire tower.   No longer used by the National Park Service, it still stands as a testament that forest fires can occur here with devastating results (see my  post on the “Great Fire of 1947).  The rock below and iron construction of this tower begged me to shoot it in black and white.



In addition to the fire tower, great views of the Atlantic, Cranberry Islands, and the Western Mountains abound.



There are numerous trails that intersect at the top of the mountain, and one could easily spend most of the day hiking them, but my guest and I had numerous destinations planned for the day; so off we went.   But this short 1.5 mile round trip hike was the perfect way to start our day.





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I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Richard and I went up to the fire tower a few times, its beautiful there.
    This night and early morning the internet problems were cause by Lilly. She got accidentally locked in the room with the modem, and toppled it over (don’t ask me what else happened.)

  2. Again, you’ve helped to make my Sunday day of rest beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Love the quiet side… how’s that fall foliage coming along? Hopefully the rain and wind this weekend didn’t hurry it along too much?

  4. Love your pictures ….again 🙂 you really capture the beauty there!

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