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Update:   May 2013

The journey continues.  I relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   I grew up in a city about 25 miles from here, and have spent the better part of my adulthood living and working in this area.    Concerns about the health and wellbeing of aging parents, and the need to stabilize my bank account of 18 months of travel and rediscovery have been the prime motivators in this decision.

I find that my perspective on where I live and how I live my life have changed more dramatically than  I realized as I go through the process of taking my belongings out of storage and reconnect with family and friends.   Good changes, right changes, necessary (for me) changes.   I’m not sure where this blog goes from here, but I hope to continue it in some form.   Thank you to everyone who has “travelled” with me these last two years.



This blog is about my personal journey to reconnect with life after the death of my husband more than five years ago.   Walking and photography have been a big part of my “reconnection” and healing process, so many  photographs and stories of my hikes appear on this blog.

In 2011 I moved from Pennsylvania  to spend a year living on Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park;  a place that I had visited many times over the years.   It has always been a place of healing for me.   Hence the name “Acadian Soul”.      No matter where I am, I will always feel that Acadia is a part of me, and that hopefully the beauty, peace  and inspiration of this place is reflected in how I approach and live my life regardless of where I might be physically.

Currently I am living near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, working on writing a book of essays on loss, learning from loss, and reconnecting with life after loss.      The journey, the learning, the process of healing continues.  I hope you will choose to join me on that journey.

  1. Carol, I wish you the best of luck. It is a wonderful place. We spent one very rainy day in the park and the town but are anxious to go back. Maybe we can make it during this next year. I will follow your blog to see how if all works out. I am glad you mentioned the cats. I hoped they would be going with you. Again, best wishes. Also, this is great writing.


  2. “Fearless” comes to mind…I’m proud of you!

  3. I can hardly wait for more! To live vicariously with you as you find “you” again. To hear stories of those kitties and their adventures. To picture you hearing the “thunder” and sitting on those gorgeous rocks. Eating blueberries. Resting. Rebuilding. Redefining.

  4. Carol….wishing you all the best and looking forward to reading about your adventurous year.

  5. Beautifully said and well written. You are a wonderful soul, Carol. I feel blessed to be able to support you in your journey!

  6. Christopher McDaniel

    Finally I know something about your story and I didn’t even have to ask any nosy questions!

  7. Go for it! It’s wonderful that you’ve chosen to share your venture.

    “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C. S. Lewis

  8. CAROL,
    To say I admire your courage, tenacity and never giving up hope even when it FELT that way…I can imagine as I have battled depression and now changing life focuses …..I will be praying only blessing and that what you seek you will find. I look forward to reading your journey and am honored and again admire the courage it takes to become vulnerable enough to do that. I also admire and almost envy what you had in your marriage as Wally and I are treading that path…..now after kids but still kids…y’know??
    Take care and I only hope to see you there sometime and share your view….
    yours in the spirit,

  9. Hi Carol,
    So glad you got there safely…..am looking forward to following your journey and appreciate your courage in sharing it……as you reconnect to life, as I have full faith you will, I’d like to offer you a challenge and if you turn it down, it holds NO offense to me and as it is only a challenge or invite to go deeper into that reconnection. I dare you to invite or ask (however you decide) God or your “higher power” to reveal the Truth on show you, in your way, IF God is real and how “He” feels about you. Just dare Him…….I dare you…..just a thought!! Again, caring and praying for only the best for you and admiring your following your heart….Judi gordon

  10. Carol, how are the locals accepting you so far?

  11. The “locals” that I’ve met so far (its only been a week), have been very welcoming. People say “good morning/afternoon” or “hello” when they pass you on the street. The people who I’ve told I’m relocated all say “welcome to the neighborhood”. The folks at Friends of Acadia (where I offered my volunteer services), have said “if you get stuck, can’t find something, call us”. I think they find my Pennsylvania accent odd and of course I stick out like a sore thumb because I’ve got at least one more layer of outerwear on then the locals so I think they are staring at me, but that could just be paranoia.

  12. Carol, good luck with your adventure, i hope the coming year brings all that you desire

  13. Love what you have done. Love what you are doing, and love you. As the new year reaches out to welcome and hold you I will watch you from a distance and cheer you on.

  14. I so love reading your blog. You are such a talented writer. I live the moment with you. I admire what you have done more than you will ever know. You are a very brave woman, I don’t know that I would have had the courage to do what you did, even though it feels like it is calling out to me. I love the ocean. I used to think I would love to live at the shore so I could go and lay in the sun at the beach but now, I no longer worship the sun as I used to but there is something so very therapeutic about the ocean waves lapping against the shore. I am at least happy that I can read about it.
    Thanks Carol

  15. Carol, thank you for your kind words. I would not be here had it not been for the life altering experience of losing my husband. I liken it to trying to turn something very negative into something positive. For me, this was a matter of surival. To change perspecectives in order to regain my sense of self.

  16. Oh my goodness, Carol. I have just discovered your blog, photos and the story of how you arrived on the Island. I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. But I do beleive that you have chosen to relocate – even if for only 1 year – to one of the decidedly most beautiful places in the world. My husband and I relocated here last year as well, and believe that we’ve seen you out hiking the carriage paths and hiking trails, as we have identical photos to yours of the fantastic bridges and waterfalls, etc!! I will watch for your face while out – and will look forward to sharing trail secrets! Take care and enjoy this wonderful spring we’re having. Best regards, Sheila Kelley Glavine

  17. Hi Carol, we don’t know each other but I saw a post on somewhere on facebook months ago and I’ve been following your journey through Acadia ever since. I fell in love with the place the first time I was there a few years ago and have been longing to go back. After seeing yesterday’s post on the last two bridges, I just had to contact you. Your blog and pictures have really been so inspirational. I am in love with that first picture of Deer Brook Bridge. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • Hi Katie. Thank you so much for your kind words and for supporting my blog. Acadia is a wonderful, healing place and I am enjoying being here more than words can say. I hope you have many opportunities to visit this beautiful place. I’m glad I can share a little bit with you through my words and photographs.

  18. wishing you peace love and joy.. always.. : )

  19. May the peace of the Acadian nature help you cure your wounds.

  20. Hi Carol,

    Your blog really touched me. For that reason I am nominating you for the sunshine blog award. Details can be found on my blog: http://luckydiplife.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=84&action=edit&message=6&postpost=v2 Sending you sunshine.

  21. Carol,

    I’ve enjoyed your photography and writing for quite awhile now, so imagine my surprise when I found out you are now living in my neck of the woods! Well, a lot closer to it than Maine, anyway. I’m about an hour and a half (give or take) east of you. If you have any interest in company on a photowalk or hike sometime, please think of me. I also have an extra kayak if you’d like to get out and paddle. It is great to see the Eastern Shore from the seat of a little boat, and there are a ton of easy places to get out and kayak. My email is j.barnes@comcast.net if you want to give me a shout.

    In any case, welcome to the shore! I hope you enjoy your time here, and the very best of luck with your writing endeavors.


  22. I have nominated you for the Liebster award check out my post with all the rules and information! I just love what you are doing here!

  23. Carol,
    You know I have always said I see a book here and support ANY award you get. You deserve it and are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this and you with all of us and me!! Merry Christmas and thinking of you! love, Judi Gordon

  24. Hi Carol, I saw your comment on another blog and had to stop in… really appreciate your perspective on life and look forward to browsing around.

  25. I’ve missed your words and photos, Carol. I hope all is well.

    • Hi eM. Thanks for looking out for me. I returned to the fulltime workplace in June of this year. A few months later, my mother, who insists on being the 24/7 caregiver for my father, who is in late stage dementia became quite ill; and my siblings and I had to pick up the slack for a couple months. Soon after, I developed some physical issues of my own – so it has been a very hectic return to Pennsylvania! I continue to faithfully read (and enjoy) your blog, so all is not lost!!! To say I miss the serenity of Maine is an understatement, but life requires us to be elsewhere – for now. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

      • Oh, I never received any comment notification that you’d responded, and as I was just now checking in at your blog to see if all my hopes had been dashed, here’s your response. Thank you for responding. I am glad to know of your presence, but sad to read that you’ve been having a tough time as of late. I will continue to post about any and all thoughts on living this wondrous life. Carol, you’re so very missed yet still appreciated from afar. Please do let me know if and when you blog again. Smiles!

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