20 “Things”

Just recently, I was sorting through the stack of papers and notes that tend to accumulate on my desk.  This can include business cards, ideas for blogs or essays, receipts, books I want to read, etc..     As I organize, I transfer the information I need/want to keep into the appropriate file, journal, notebook, and so on (yes, I’m a “bit” compulsive) with certain things.

As I organized the most recent batch, I came across a list of questions obviously taken from some book I had read (although for whatever reason, I didn’t list the title).  One of the questions really struck me and it was:


I found the wording of this question particularly interesting.  In our western culture, we usually think of “things” as objects or possessions, aka “stuff”.   Since I no longer have the book (it was borrowed from the library) from which I got these questions; I didn’t have the opportunity to seek clarification on what the author meant by “things”.   So I took about an hour and here is what I came up with in answer to this question.  My answers are not in any particular order, but rather listed as they came to me.

  1. My integrity
  2. My health; everything still works, maybe not as well as it once did, but at least I have all my parts and all my senses.
  3. A sound and rational mind (this may be purely subjective)
  4. Balance in my emotional state (again, subjective)
  5. A roof over my head
  6. A comfortable bed to sleep in
  7. Several VERY good friends whose wisdom and counsel I trust
  8. A loving and emotionally supportive family
  9. Acadia National Park as my “back yard” – who could ask for a beautiful place to live?
  10. A decent camera, computer, and internet connection that allow me to share my experience of living here with others
  11. The desire to become enlightened
  12. Loving animal companions (that teach me patience and unconditional love; among other things)
  13. An interesting and varied network of on-line friends
  14. A little money in the bank (as in, I’m not broke …. today)
  15. A varied resume and employment background that enables me to be employed in a variety of jobs
  16. A personality that is comfortable with meeting new people and dealing with new situations
  17. A sense of humor
  18. My iPhone – a great piece of technology that allows me to consolidate a great deal of information in one place – good when you are trying to keep your life simple and your “stuff” to a minimum
  19. My experience of a truly loving relationship (with my late husband Don), thanks to him, I now know how to “get it right”
  20. My willingness to take risks (not with my life), but in life and not be afraid to fail

So for what it’s worth that is MY answer to what I found to be a most interesting question.    Do “things” = stuff?  Do “things” = experiences?  Are “things” about gratitude?  Or, as with my list, are things a combination of all of three?





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Good list.

  2. Lovely, Carol. My list of 20 is very similar! Enjoy this first day of July.

  3. Namaste….my friend!

  4. I think your list was right on target. And the ones you marked “subjective” are probably in the “objective” category if your friends were listing them about you. Seven months in MDI…looking forward to hearing continued reflections.

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