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Mill Creek Covered Bridge

As mentioned in my previous post, I discovered this lovely covered bridge on a recent hike.  For whatever reason, I enjoy photographing manmade structures in black and white.   Here are a few of my favorites from my most recent escapade.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 006



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 023



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 025



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 012



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 055


Mill Creek Hike

I continue to explore the large county park that is my new “backyard”.   On this day I drove (because I was not exactly certain of the location) the short distance to the “Mill Creek” and “Wildflower Trails”.      Both trails loop through the same area, but the Mill Creek trail is at stream level, while the Wildflower trail traverses the same area, but about 50 feet higher in elevation.   The lower trail seems to be a popular destination for joggers and dog walkers, and when I left around lunchtime traffic was really beginning to pick up.

Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 035


One of the main attractions for this hike is the well maintained (and still in use) covered bridge that crosses over Mill Creek.    Lancaster County is famous for (among other things), it’s Amish population and it’s covered bridges; and has the most of any county in Pennsylvania at 29 (according to Wikipedia).   Of course these bridges make wonderful photographic subjects and with trails on both sides of the creek there is easy access to this bridge allowing for photographs at all angles.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 072


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 015


None of the trails in this park are terribly long, so you need to string several together to get a decent hike in.    On this day, I managed only three miles because I was too distracted with my photography.   After six months of hiking flat, flat trails along the Chesapeake Bay, I must say that I am enjoying the up and down topography that south central Pennsylvania offers.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 046


April brought us unseasonal warmth but in May spring has resumed a more “normal” pattern with a mix of warm and cool days.   On this morning temperatures were in the mid 40’s, perfect for hiking.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 044


I was pleasantly surprised by the results of some black and white photographs that I got of the covered bridge and I will be featuring them in a later post.  Below is one more color shot of the bridge as viewed from the “meadow” side of the stream.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 050