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Phyllis’s Flowers

One of the pleasures of being back in Pennsylvania is the ability to visit my parents via a quick half hour drive on the freeway.    I paid just such a visit last Monday.

As long as I can remember, my mother has always had a garden.   Both the practical sort (vegetables – although I still can’t rationalize the choice of rhubarb); and the “pretty to look at” sort – flowers.   In nearly all of her flower gardens she has raised Iris and Peonies.   I enjoy both, but the Iris has been my favorite for a long time; even though their flowering season is brief, but glorious.   Both of these gems were in their prime blooming period on Memorial Day.

More importantly, I have my mother to thank for teaching me to take to time to admire the small details in nature such as a slight coloration on a white petal or the shape of a bloom.    Indeed this may have been my first introduction to the idea of slowing down and learning to be in the moment.

So take a few moments to slow down and enjoy some pictures of my recent visit to Phyllis’s flower garden.


Phyllis Flowers 002




Phyllis Flowers 004




Phyllis Flowers 001



Phyllis Flowers 008



Phyllis Flowers 010



Summer flowers……and a few other things

On a recent hike around Witch Hole Pond part of Acadia National Park,  and a favorite hike of mine – I enjoy discovering the ever-changing plant life growing among  and around the woods, marsh, and pond.

Waterlilies are in abundance here, and it amazing to see how this swampy pond has transformed from an icy mass of swamp grass in January into a verdant virtual “field” of waterlilies in June.


The otters love to munch on these waterlily leaves and we were lucky enough to spot two enjoying a late afternoon snack on this hike.



All along this walk there are small treasures to be found.  Here, a tiny flower I’m told (by my sister who visited recently), blooms in sweet obscurity along the water’s edge.



My favorite flower, the iris, has passed its peak here in Maine, but I did manage to find one late bloom.



I actually found these buttercups on top of Cadillac Mountain, earlier that same day.



And, a hike around Witch Hole Pond would not be complete without including a photograph of the beautiful reflections to be found in the clear, calm water.  I never get these tired of these photos, and I hope you don’t either!!  🙂