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Mill Creek Covered Bridge

As mentioned in my previous post, I discovered this lovely covered bridge on a recent hike.  For whatever reason, I enjoy photographing manmade structures in black and white.   Here are a few of my favorites from my most recent escapade.


Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 006



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 023



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 025



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 012



Mill Creek and Covered Bridge 055


The Ghost of Churches Past

Old buildings ( especially interesting are churches)  intrigue me, as I know they do many people and I have driven past these ruins several times on the way to one of my favorite hiking spots here along the Eastern Shore of Maryland.     On this occasion, I was travelling with a friend who also enjoys photography as a hobby, and as soon as she saw these ruins, she had the same reaction I did:  “We have GOT to photograph” this!

And so with an ally by my side (all the better to ignore the really old “No Trespassing Sign” my dear), we spent a few minutes photographing the ruins of this old church.

I would have loved to have had blue skies overhead as a way to contrast the bright green ivy and ground covers that were overtaking these walls; but grey skies were dominant,  so I settled for black and white medium.


Old Church and birds 012



The first picture (above) gives an overview of the site.   The rest are a few interpretations of views I found interesting.



Old Church and birds 014 Old Church and birds 015 Old Church and birds 013 Old Church and birds 018 Old Church and birds 020 Old Church and birds 021


This Old Boat

On one of my regular walks, I pass by two old decaying boats.   It has been a couple of dreary and foggy days, so photographing these old boats in black and white seemed appropriate to the gray day.    The Knapp’s Narrows drawbridge can be seen in the background of the first shot.

December morning 018



December morning 024December morning 022



December morning 024


I preferred the color image for this last shot.   The only bits of color left.


December morning 026




Exploring Tilghman Island

Part of the fun of being in a new area is exploring – which in my case means looking for places to hike and interesting things to photograph.    This island is a BIG change from what I had become accustomed to on Mt. Desert Island, Maine.    Here the scenery is flat – flat land running into flat water running into flat sky.    Photographically it seems more challenging – looking for ways to convey that sense of flatness (which has a certain wide open beauty to it), without making it boring.    And of course photographing a bay compared to ocean surf crashing against the rocks, well that is a whole other challenge.

After an afternoon and morning shoot, I came up with the following series of black and white photographs that I think capture the mood of some of the landscapes near my new home.   I chose the black and white because when I compared them to the color images I produced, I just found the black and white to be more interesting.  Perhaps, I’ll post some of the color ones later and let you decide!










Black, White, and Bubble……..pond that is

When I stopped by Bubble Pond last week with my guests from out-of-town, the sky was bright and sun was high overhead.   Not great for taking pictures.   So I switched my camera to black and white mode to see if I could come up with some different views of one of my favorite spots.



I find this a tricky spot to photograph.   I have yet to find the “perfect” time of day to shoot here as the height of the mountains on either side of the pond make for interesting (but challenging) shadows.   I’ll keep trying!!



Carriage roads run and intersect in this area, along with one of the bridges.  This one (below) is called appropriately, Bubble Pond Bridge.



And finally, I just had to include a picture of a rock.   Why?  I just really liked it, that’s why.  🙂


Portrait of a Tree – The Birch

Saw some lovely birch trees on my early morning hike yesterday.   Eagerly awaiting the leaves changing colors.   But in the meantime, they make for interesting black and white subjects.

I really liked the way the morning light was hitting the bark in the photograph below.

Who ME? Photograph People?

As you know, most of my photographs are landscapes and scenery.   The closest I get to photographing anything else is Bam Bam, the cat.   It isn’t that I don’t LIKE to photograph people, its just that I don’t have many opportunitites to do so.

Last week-end I traveled back to my “home” state of Pennsylvania to visit family, and was ask to photograph my great nephew for his “casual” high school senior pictures.  In the interest of protecting his privacy, I won’t post pics of his face, but I will share a couple of the more “artsy” shots we ended up with.

We had great fun, and it was wondeful to spend some time with family.






Moon Rise – Time Lapse

We’ve just had our first full moon for the month of August (two this year, hence the phrase: “once in a Blue Moon).     The heat and humidity had me up late last night, and I decided to sit on my patio and watch the moon make its appearance for the night.

I set up my tripod so I could take long exposures, but I rather forgot about the fact that I had some of my camera settings set to black and white mode.

I live in town, so my view of the night sky is mostly obscured, which makes the “glimpses of light” that much more exciting!

In between the new construction next door, a tree and a rope swing, the moon is coming up, and the clouds are moving out.


This next exposure (3o seconds) shows how rapidly the clouds were moving out toward the ocean.   I rather liked the end effect in the this shot.  (personal taste, I know)



And finally, the moon is almost “free” of the trees, and one last wispy cloud blows by.


Reflections in Black and White

Last Saturday was such a perfect day for capturing reflections in Eagle Lake.   The air was perfectly calm and the water smooth as glass.   I decided to shoot a few in black and white to see how they turned out.   Here’s one of my favorites.


Abstraction on the Rocks

When visiting “Secret Beach” last week,  I played around with shooting the surf rolling over the rocks using the Black and White mode on my camera.   Then out of nowhere, I got the idea to turn it into an abstract piece while moving the camera up and down during the exposure.

Below are the “before and after” shots.    Let me know what you think!