The Ghost of Churches Past

Old buildings ( especially interesting are churches)  intrigue me, as I know they do many people and I have driven past these ruins several times on the way to one of my favorite hiking spots here along the Eastern Shore of Maryland.     On this occasion, I was travelling with a friend who also enjoys photography as a hobby, and as soon as she saw these ruins, she had the same reaction I did:  “We have GOT to photograph” this!

And so with an ally by my side (all the better to ignore the really old “No Trespassing Sign” my dear), we spent a few minutes photographing the ruins of this old church.

I would have loved to have had blue skies overhead as a way to contrast the bright green ivy and ground covers that were overtaking these walls; but grey skies were dominant,  so I settled for black and white medium.


Old Church and birds 012



The first picture (above) gives an overview of the site.   The rest are a few interpretations of views I found interesting.



Old Church and birds 014 Old Church and birds 015 Old Church and birds 013 Old Church and birds 018 Old Church and birds 020 Old Church and birds 021



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Black and White does it great justice… 🙂

  2. Always found ruins fascinating…ghosts of souls that still linger. Love your foots, do you know any thing about the church? Hope all goes well in your new transition

  3. Fotos…NOT foots!!!!

  4. Love how you captured these ruins, just beautiful!

  5. Nice photos, especially the ones with the tree silhouettes through the broken arches.

  6. Nice!! I’ve played around with the ones I took just a bit but not overly moved by them. I was so excited to be shooting that I didnt do a good job of carefully considering my composition. Absolutely love your second shot of the window through the window.

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