Progress Report

Those of you who routinely follow my blog may remember that I moved to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to have a serious go at writing. My intent was to write a book of essays about loss and my subsequent journey of reconnecting with life after suffering a profound loss. I’m pleased to report that I have completed a first draft!!

I set of goal of having a first draft completed by February 23rd, which is the date of a writer’s conference I will be attending in nearby Easton. Mission accomplished!! I never envisioned this being a lengthy book and the finished product looks as though it will be 140 – 150 pages.

In addition, after some coaxing from numerous friends, I decided to compile a book of photographs from my “Year in Acadia”, and will be making that available through a variety of channels.   My goal is to have that projected completed by mid-April.

Below are a couple of pictures of my work space and also of “Pebbles”, one of my muses.  🙂



Cats and Writing 009

Cats and Writing 019




Cats and Writing 017


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Carol, I did much the same thing (wrote a book which was really an auto-biography with a lot of detail about my childhood and my early connection with Nancy followed by reflections on our life together and my attempts to deal with Nancy’s death and the very, very big hole left by my loss. Cathartic if nothing else and I gave my kids each a copy as a Christmas gift about 5 years ago. I did the pagination and printing then had three copies bound at Office Max. Actually turned out as a fairly passable professional job. I am curious to hear what you think about the value in doing this. Good luck!

    • What a wonderful gift that was to give your children, and I’m sure they are grateful you took the time to create something so special! My writing is probably best described as less autobiographical and more philosophical, and focuses on how my thinking crystallized and changed during my year in Maine.

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment!!!

  3. Funny, reading this I remember I wrote an autobiographical story after my late husband died, it was really cathartic, as Norm says.
    Congratulations, I am amazed that you did it already. And good luck with publishing.
    But, Carol, I’m quite concerned – what is wrong with you? A tidy desk is a very serious sign for a mental disorder… 🙂

    • This IS a messy desk for me Karin, so what does THAT say?! I can’t work in chaos. 🙂 I think when experiencing a profound loss it is important to “tell your story”, which may explain why so many of us choose to do so by writing.

  4. Carol,

    I am impressed that you 1) wrote about your loss, and 2) finished your draft on schedule.

    I look forward to seeing it in print.

    Yay for you!

  5. Richard Anderson

    I wished I could say I was as far along as you on my CD album.

  6. Congratulations, Carol! I can’t wait to read it. Good for you! That is an exceptional accomplishment!

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