A Winter’s Walk

Pickering with Barb 049


After a week of temperatures that were 20 degrees below average for the Eastern Shore, it was time to get outside for some fresh air and “real” exercise. Nearby Pickering Creek offers several trails. With temperatures still below freezing my friend who was visiting from Pennsylvania and I had the place all to ourselves.

A large flock of Canadian Geese are spending the winter here, and we had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of geese lifting off into flight.   The sound of all those wings flapping simultaneously was special…..sorry, no audio.


Pickering with Barb 015


Pickering with Barb 029


I love hiking in the winter; no bugs, few people, and no sweating!   It’s also fun to look for animal tracks in the snow to see what types of wildlife are moving around the area.   We saw a small herd of six or seven deer, but they were too well camouflaged by the woods to get a decent picture.   I had seen river otters here before, but on this day they were keeping themselves well hidden (and warm).



Pickering with Barb 045


The creek/river had quite a bit of ice on it from the cold snap, but here and there is was beginning to break up.     I especially liked the pattern in the “slightly enhanced, but not altered” picture below.


Pickering with Barb 053


A familiar sight in these parts (here across the creek from the reserve) are hunting blinds; this area is a virtual paradise for waterfowl hunters.


Pickering with Barb 056

So get out your long johns, bundle up and get out there.   Celebrate the season!














About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. michaelofyorkshire

    I appreciate your journey, enjoy looking out into the world with you. In your photos the beauty of the universe is evident as it embraces you with care. I am sure that the creatures of the marsh find a gentle spirit in your presence there as they quietly follow a woman in the midst.

  2. Great photos, especially the flying geese.

  3. I like the cracked ice…reminds me of medical images of a heart

  4. Love your photos…beautiful!

  5. Wonderful photos! I love seeing where other writers work.

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