Hunting for Hikes

Here at my new location in Tilghman, Maryland it is rather rural.   That being said, nearly all of the land here is privately owned and finding places to hike that are safe (roads are very narrow with ditches on either side), and rewarding is proving to be a challenge.

Yesterday, while on a short walk to the “town park”, I met a local woman who told me about an Audubon Society preserve about 15 miles  (24 k) from me.   And since we are having an incredible week-end of warm weather, I decided today was the perfect day to investigage.

Located on about 400 acres of donated land, the Chesapeake Audubon Society has created a wonderful sanctuary of wetlands, meadows, and woodland which is inhabited by all sorts of birds and small mammals.    A great deal of the wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay area had been lost to agriculture and developement, thus destroying habitats.  😦  However, thanks to efforts of groups like this, along with the support of private citizens, some habitats are being recovered.    For example on this property, wetlands were recreated by moving tons of dirt around and restoring the natural drainage patterns.

One of the best things about this place is are the four (6.4 k) miles of hiking trails that weave in and out of the sanctuary.   Along the way are numerous signs educating you about what to look for and wooden viewing stands.   They will even loan you a pair of binoculars if you don’t have your own!

I passed a delightful two hours walking the trails and watching the birds; serenaded almost the entire time by the flocks of Canadian geese, spending the winter here.

For those of you who are “local”, here is the link to the center.


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Christopher McDaniel

    Best of all is that there are no hills to climb up. Are you going to take up fishing?

  2. Looks like a beautiful sanctuary. I haven’t been to that part of Maryland in almost 30 years and am glad to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How good is that…looks like a wonderful place to spend some time…!

  4. Nice photos. I’m glad you found a new area to hike. It doesn’t help if you are surrounded by a beautiful countryside with no trails or paths. It was like that when we were living in our home in the woods – beautiful views, but no way to walk to them.

  5. What a beautiful place…love those fall colors…and the water….

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