Exploring Tilghman Island

Part of the fun of being in a new area is exploring – which in my case means looking for places to hike and interesting things to photograph.    This island is a BIG change from what I had become accustomed to on Mt. Desert Island, Maine.    Here the scenery is flat – flat land running into flat water running into flat sky.    Photographically it seems more challenging – looking for ways to convey that sense of flatness (which has a certain wide open beauty to it), without making it boring.    And of course photographing a bay compared to ocean surf crashing against the rocks, well that is a whole other challenge.

After an afternoon and morning shoot, I came up with the following series of black and white photographs that I think capture the mood of some of the landscapes near my new home.   I chose the black and white because when I compared them to the color images I produced, I just found the black and white to be more interesting.  Perhaps, I’ll post some of the color ones later and let you decide!











About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Very nice photos. We stayed in St. Michael’s several years ago and spent time on Tilghman Island. It’s a lovely area. Jinny Wilt

  2. No perfect, black and white is good. It manages to capture something that colour can’t sometimes….

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