The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sometimes nature just doesn’t cooperate.    Yesterday, I got up early to check out the sunrise (which is now around 6:45 a.m.).   My destination was Sand Beach with the express goal of shooting the morning glow of the “Beehive” (a large slab of steep granite) and it’s reflection in the pool that fills the marsh behind the dunes of Sand Beach.

The clouds were just beginning to roll in along with some fog as I drove along the road that enters the park.  However, I was pretty confident that complete cloud cover would hold off for another hour or two.

I was right about the clouds.  But much to my dismay when I arrived at my location, I discovered that either the tide had carried some nasty looking stuff into the marsh, or stream runoff had carried said nasty stuff.   It looked as though someone’s washing machine had run amok.   I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this phenomena to this degree at this location.

And then when the sun came up and hit the Beehive and the trees with their fall colors I had some the best photography light I’ve seen since I came to Maine!!   I could have cried.  So here it is; the good, the bad, and ugly from yesterday’s shoot.



I tried putting more marsh grass and less water in the shot, but then I lost the lovely fog bank hanging over Champlain mountain.



Maybe putting some distance between myself and the “icky” water will help.



When all else fails, try black and white mode!





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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