Petit Manan Hike

Last week I set off to explore an area of the Maine coast that I had not seen before.   Months earlier I had seen the wildlife sanctuary (Petit Manan) on the map and subsequently checked it out on-line.  I learned that the area was used primarily for nesting birds; both year round and migratory.   The part that I would be visiting was at the tip of peninsula on the mainland.


The skies were bright, and it was going to be warm for an October day in Maine.   I decided to hike the longest of the two trails available, which with a couple of “side trips” (no I wasn’t lost, I was looking for things to photograph) ended up being about five miles.    The trail was clearly defined, and started out through blueberries (now finished), and goldenrod (thankfully for my allergies; almost finished).



At the edge of this field, under a nice tree was a bench that on the return trip I took advantage of to sit and cool down, refresh myself and enjoy the hundreds of dragonflies that were flitting about in the sunshine.

Unfortunately the wooded and marsh sections of the trail that came next were very wet and muddy from a week-end of rain, so it was bit soggy going here and there.   Luckily, the worst sections had boardwalks to help you navigate over the water.


Alas,  I did not see many birds (they continue to elude me in Maine) – some goldfinches, a blue heron, and some sort of brown duck (maybe a female eider).    I did encounter this cute little fellow (or gal) on the trail (look closely, he blends in rather nicely with his surroundings).



Along the way, I found another lovely sitting spot,  great sunning rocks, and some unusual trail markers (only in Maine).




And even though I didn’t see many birds, and even though the lighthouse on the website turned out to be on an island off shore; I also didn’t encounter any other people, which was a delightful change of pace.    Acadia (my backyard park) has continued to be quite busy.    So it was a peaceful morning; filled with sunshine and solitude.





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Nice!
    Did I tell you that our daughter had once a little guy or girl like that visiting her (your) apartment? So better don’t pile your clothes all over the floor – those visitors seem to like a comfy nest 🙂

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