Sunset at Otter Point

Sunday brought the promise  of high surf with the presence of tropical storm Leslie well offshore.   So when I left my home late Sunday afternoon it was with the idea of trying to capture some good surf pictures, not photograph a sunset.   The skies were moody and gray when I arrived at Otter Cliffs, but the surf was crashing and approaching high tide.

I hiked the short distance from Otter Cliffs to Otter Point, stopping here and there to enjoy the waves and snap a few pics.   When I rounded the corner that leads to Otter Point, much to my surprise I saw that the skies were starting to clear on the western horizon.   I thought to myself:   “hmmm, if these skies continue to clear, this could get interesting”.

The time of the photo below was 6:07 p.m. with sunset about 45 minutes away.

As you can see from the series of pictures below, the skies continued to change and although I did move around once or twice, to avoid some other surf gazers, I was treated to a beautiful display of sky, sea, and light.

Time 6:31 p.m.


Time 6:40 p.m.



Time 6:50 p.m.



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Oh Carol, what a beautiful treat!! You caught on camera what I think of when I think of the ocean and beaches. They’re gorgeous!!

  2. Fantastic….you should see if “Friends of Acadia” want any of these for calendars, posters, or tee shirt souvenirs! Or start printing them yourself and get an Etsy account! I’M SERIOUS!!

  3. Beautiful… and it must have been awesome to be there in person.

  4. Beautiful! The sky and the light can change so fast here.

  5. Beautiful pictures! As I looked at the last shot, I thought – I’ve seen that spot before – then I glanced up at the wall in our office and saw the watercolor painting that the gal did for us on our RV caravan – it is the exact same angle of that spot! (I agree with Barb – FOA might be interested in some of those!)

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