A Unique Opportunity

Being able to live in Bar Harbor and on Mount Desert Island these last 10 months has been a wonderful opportunity.  I’ve seen and experienced many things – a deer right outside my bedroom window, Acadia surf during a ‘noreaster storm, great food and fine drinks with new friends and old.  Last evening I drove past a guy in full Scottish uniform playing the bagpipes in the fog next to the bay.   I learned from my dinner companions that apparently he does this routinely during tourist season.   How he isn’t causing accidents, I don’t know!

One of the most wonderful things I’ve discovered here is the True Zen Nature Center (see link).   Over the week-end members of our group hosted a young Korean monk who is biking his way across the Americas.  The first leg of his trip, crossing Canada, has been completed, and he is now starting his crossing of the US (which is why he was in Maine).  The final leg of his journey will be through South America.


ABOVE PHOTO:   Sunim at Jordan Pond (photo by Michael Rosenstein)


I had the pleasure of meeting Sunim at the dinner hosted by my friends and learned a little bit more about  why he is undertaking this journey.   I think it is summed up beautifully in a quote from his blog (translated from the original korean):

“”Water doesn’t stagnate when it flows. In the same way, humans should move so they will find their relationships with others. If you take a test you’ll know how well you’ve studied. If you overcome a limitation you will know your heart; tears are opening my heart. My pilgrimage is not only my path, but also a journey to connect with the lives of others.”
– Daeung Sunim
Sunim started this journey completely alone and it was by sheer coincidence (unless of course you believe that there are no coincidences), he met David who started a Facebook page which has evolved into a networking page to find people and businesses to Sunim along his path.

I for one, am certainly grateful that Sunim’s path, and paths of the people at the True Nature Zen Center have crossed mine, because my heart has become a little larger, and my life  enriched by knowing them.

Take a look at the links listed below where you can access a map of Sunim’s route.  If Sunim’s path runs close to where yours, don’t hesitate to take the unique opportunity to meet and help this remarkable man.    You can follow him on Facebook at:   Journey of the Spirit, A Buddhist monk bikes the Americas, or on the blog at:  http://journeyofspirit108.blogspot.com
Below:  Getting some much-needed bicycle maintenance (by generous donation) at the Bar Harbor Bicycle shop (that’s the one on Cottage Street – so if you come here and rent a bike, rent from them!)  Photo by:  Michael Rosenstein



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Hi Carol, I am so thankful that you are enjoying your time in Bar Harbor and that it is helping you reconnect with your path in life. I believe my meeting Sunim was not coincidence. If you go to his FB page and click on notes…scroll down and you will find a post titled “Divine Intervention?”. It explains how and why our paths were meant to cross. Kind Regards, Dave Pope

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