We Were Here

A beautiful Sunday evening found me hiking along my favorite stretch of the Ocean Path, the section that lies between Otter Cove and Otter Cliffs.   This time of year, it is typically less crowded than the section that contains all the “hot spots” – Sand Beach and Thunder Hole.   The surf is usually a bit more lively here too than in other spots, especially at high tide.



The water was clear and the sky cloudless, with just a bit of late summer haze hanging over the mountains as in the photo below showing Otter Cove with Cadillac and Dorr mountains in the distance.



As I made my way back toward the Cliffs where I had parked my car, I noticed that someone or some group of people had been very busy moving rocks about.    As I moved in closer to investigate, I found that “persons unknown” had created a whole “field” of monoliths (for lack of a better term).



Technically, this being a National Park, you aren’t supposed to be moving rocks around, but I could not help but appreciate the moxie and sense of  whimsy displayed by the artist (s) here.   And besides it made the walk more interesting and gave me something new to photograph!



I guess since they couldn’t build a sand castle, this was the next best thing.    I need to take a drive back to this area to see if the park service “rearranged” the rock art since most of them were above the tide line.

Some people just need to make a statement.  Besides, if not for the rock art, all of my photographs of this area end up looking the same.  🙂



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. what a glorious walk and view!! I love the pictures and the art.

  2. David Patterson

    Hah… I’m the guy who, when he comes upon this type of thing, rearranges the landscape back to the way it was. Even though I know it is ever-changing, and “the way it was” is kind of a moving target, I don’t get why people feel the need to leave their mark like this. Leave no trace I say. Nice pics by the way.

    • I hear what you are saying David. But it gets me thinking, maybe this is how Stonehenge started. One guy made a little one, than someone else made a bigger one, than somone else……….and so on.

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