There’s Always Plan “B”

I got up early Saturday to get out on the trails for my first “real” hike in weeks.   Over the last few nights, the temperatures have been cooling off to below 60 degrees (15.5 C) which make for cooler early mornings and better hiking.

So off I head to the Hadlock Pond area.


For this hike, I like to hike up the mountain using the carriage roads, and then hike back down the mountain following the stream trail.    It was quiet this early, only a few bicyclists passing me along the carriage road and no one (other than red squirrels) along the trail.

I was so excited to be out and about, I lifted my camera to take my first picture of the day and…………………..nothing happened.    Dead battery.   Now, if you enjoy taking pictures, this is kind of oversight is just inexcusable.    This is the first time since I’ve moved to Maine that I have allowed this happen.   And because I travel light for my hiking, of course I did not have my back up battery with me.

So, on to plan “B” it was.    Any photos I was going to be takingthis morning would be done using my iPhone (which is carried more for emergency texting, calls, and its compass then for its camera).    But it’s a beautiful day, I’ve taken pictures of these bridges and this hike before – it’s not a big deal.

At the apex of my climb (for this day), there are two lovely bridges; Waterfall Bridge and Hemlock Bridge.      The waterfalls here in Acadia are very rain dependent and the last few weeks have been quite dry, so there was barely a trickle.   But still, a relaxing spot to take a break.


For comparison, below is a picture I took back in January.


For the second part of this trail, I generally follow the Maple Spring trail that leads down the mountain side, but today I decide to follow the Hadlock Brook trail which also heads down the mountain.  It is a typical Acadia trail full of pine needles, leaf debris, tree roots, and rocks.


So, I’m enjoying my hike, when I come to a “cross-road” in the trail, which points me either left or right.   Now where did I put that trail map?   Oh, it must be the same place as my back up camera battery – not with me!!   On to plan “B”,  (which is winging it) I go  left.   As it turns out, going to the left takes me back up the mountain – not where I want to go.   The stream bed is incredibly low and dry and I know that following it will take me down the mountain and eventually intersect with the carriage road, so off I go.


As it turns out, this may not have been my best decision of the day (although it is early),  and it’s getting humid and buggy.   But I’m wearing long sleeves, and long pants, have my sturdy hiking shoes on, and I know where I’m going so I am determined to persevere.  It feels like a long time (but probably isn’t), and sure enough I’m back on the carriage road again, and some easy walking.

I even found this lovely little red leaf near the end of my hike, another sign that fall with its cooler hiking temperatures is not that far away!   I am totally ready to get back into my “hiking groove”!


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. An adventure!

  2. michaelofyorkshire

    beautiful walk through nature, thank you woman in the midst.

  3. Nothing wrong with the iPhone photos – lovely as always.

  4. Christopher McDaniel

    Oh, dear! I hope you don’t end up like those poor souls I see on the news… they go for a stroll and end up in Tulsa with no memory.

  5. Looks like it was a lovely walk!!

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