Week-end Wanderer

Crowds, work,  and warm temperatures have kept me from long hikes these last couple of weeks.  But on the week-ends, I do try to get out early in the day to exercise my body and calm my mind.

One of favorite  “from my house”  walks, takes me up over a small hill, to the edge of town where this cemetery boarders National Park property.   The cemetery boasts a beautiful view of Cadillac and Dorr mountains, but on this morning the mountain tops and gorge between them were obscured by fog; giving a nice atmosphere to the topic.


I actually really like cemeteries.   They are peaceful, quiet places and it is interesting to see the choices people and/or their families have made for their internment.   For example; this “guy” (photo below) had to have his very own “house”.  I hope this isn’t considered “identity theft”!





And perhaps nowhere else (in the United States) would you find lobster buoys graveside.



Here in Maine whenever any type of outdoor chemical is applied to grass or weeds, signs need to be put up indicating the danger and the date of the application.   However, I found the sign pictured below rather ironic.   But then signs are for the living I guess, and not for the dead!



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Christopher McDaniel

    “The long and winding road…”

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