Zen, Waterlilies, and the Art of Dodging Bicycles.

Thinking I was going to enjoy a quiet walk on a mid-week afternoon, I headed for one my favorite places, Witch Hole Pond.   When I was last here about a month ago with my sister and her husband, who were visiting from out-of-state, we enjoyed a quiet walk around this peaceful lake, bog, and marsh area.    What a difference a month makes!   No fewer than 100 bicyclists passed me on my 3.5 mile hike; literally “roving gangs of cyclists”, otherwise known as teenagers without a lot of supervision,  thus creating plenty of noise and making certain that NO wildlife was going to be seen on this day!

Fortunately, my goal (aside from not being run down), was to photograph the waterlilies that are prolific here.



One of the things I find most interesting about these “wild” waterlilies is that when closed, they appear to be a yellow flower, but when open they bloom white.   I don’t know what causes this phenomena, but I find it fascinating.



The old adage:  “Look both ways before crossing” was very appropriate on this day.   Having to cross the road numerous times to get the photographs I wanted required attention and patience.  But finding these pink blooms among all the white made the entire walk worthwhile.



I found some other interesting plants along the marsh on this day too, including bull rushes and another lovely purple bog plant, unfamiliar to me.





Toward the end of my walk, I passed by the scene below which reminded me of a Japanese zen garden.     I remember reading how different elements in zen gardens are designed to represent things in nature; for example: rocks are mountains, dry river rock, water, and so on.    Considering all the traffic on this hike today, it was good to be reminded of the importance of finding/being zen even in the midst of chaos.




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Christopher McDaniel

    Nice work. That purple top plant reminds me of mint but the stems don’t seem right.

  2. Way to stay alive!!! Good job! Love the pictures!

  3. David Patterson

    Even our favorite campground was crowded (and noisy) this weekend. Give it another couple of weeks though, and things will start to slow down again. Then you’ll have it all to yourself again 🙂

    Nice photographs too. Love the Zen Garden.

  4. michaelofyorkshire

    beautiful pics, thank you

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