It Never Gets Old

The two-mile stretch of coast that is part of Acadia National park is one that I hike at least once a week.    I’ve hiked it in snow, in fog, in driving rain, at sunrise, at sunset; and it never fails to soothe me.    But yesterday, Sunday, was one of those “picture perfect” days to hike the Ocean Path.

BELOW:   A view of which I never tire:


BELOW:   Ready to start back down from Otter Cliffs:




BELOW:   The remains of a seagull’s lunch




BELOW:  Neptune’s Throne?



BELOW:   After an hour of hiking, time to sit down and read a book




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    Very relaxing looking, but where are all the people from away 🙂

    • I’m findng if you are in and out of the park by 10:00 a.m. you don’t see very many people. I don’t know what the numbers look like, but it has not been as crowded as I thought it would be. The most traffic I’ve encountered was in Southwest Harbor and Somesville!

      • David Patterson

        I’m afraid we added to those crowds over in Southwest Harbor, but I have to agree… when we came over to the other side of the island rarely did it look really crowded (other than when a cruise ship was in harbor). Having said that, there is hardly a campsite to be had on MDI this weekend, so maybe the later part of the month is when it is going to get really busy.

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