The Road Less Traveled

Hiking over the summer months has proven to be a bit of a challenge for me.   The combination of working 5 days a week, keeping up with my routine things, and the warmer weather all seem to conspire against getting myself out on the trails.

Getting up and out early is the key to success.   You beat the crowds, you beat the heat, and for the most part you beat the bugs.   So today I kicked myself out of bed and headed out on one of my favorite strolls; the carriage road that follows the east shore of Eagle Lake over to Bubble Pond.


I call this “the Road Less Traveled” because this time of year the quickest way to get to Bubble Pond is via the Park Loop Road (for motor vehicles).   Between the months of November – April, the only way you can get to Bubble Pond is by hiking or biking (or snowmobile if the loop road has adequate snow cover).   This is a nice 5+ mile round trip, along mostly level (there are a few gentle slopes) road with nice views of the lake all along the way.




I have seen the waters of Eagle Lake covered in ice, I’ve seen the water whipped into waves by strong winds.   But today, the lake was smooth as glass.   It made for some awesome reflections of the mountains.   Below:  Sargent Mountain (which is up/which is down)?



Bubble Pond makes for a great destination.   Just down the park loop road from Jordan Pond, it is one of the smaller bodies of water in Acadia National Park, and it seems humble by comparison, so a lot of people drive right by and miss a beautiful spot;  what a shame,  it has always been one of my favorites.



One of the things I enjoy about Bubble Pond is seeing where the picnic table is located on any given visit.  There is one lonely picnic table here, and it gets moved around.  I’ve seen it at the water’s edge, I ‘ve seen it engulfed by high water, I’ve seen it in the sun, I’ve seen it in the shade.   I’m assuming that the guests are moving it about to suit their needs – NOT for the forest rangers.   I often wonder once this one wears out, if it will be replaced.

Other than the picnic table search, I enjoyed the blooms of these bog plants all along my walk.   They were in full bloom and plentiful along the shoreline for most of my hike.



On my return hike, the skies remained brilliant blue, but a few white, puffy clouds were starting to move in.   They ended up helping me to create my favorite shot of the day (below) where the reflected clouds in the lake seem ready to leap out of the water.







About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    Beautiful. I didn’t know you could hike in to Bubble Pond in the winter via Eagle Lake. Hmmm… might have to try that one. Lovely photographs.

  2. Thanks David. Yep, park at the Eagle Lake Carriage road entrance, take the east shore side (on your left), at the intersection, bear left again (look for Bubble Pond signpost). I hiked out there a couple of times over the winter months before it got too icy. Had the place all to myself!!

  3. Lovely pix!!! I enjoy your hikes almost as much as you do. We just got back from hiking up to Highpoint which is so close to us yet we forget how beautiful it is. Roundtrip from the parking lot is 1 mile so it’s an easy way to get a hike in when there are other activities on our agenda. Jinny

  4. Sheila Kelley Glavine

    Great photos Carol!! Enjoy more early mornings like this one – most of the visitors are either still snoozing or they are munching their breakfasts.

  5. I love the pictures of the reflections in Bubble Pond….maybe add them to my Xmas list!!

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