Sunset at the Lighthouse

A glorious week of weather here on the island last week,  with clouds rolling in and out, at times brilliant blue skies, at times completely overcast made for a real “your guess is as good as mine” answer when my visiting relatives asked me what they could expect to see at sunset at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

We had spent the better part of the day on “the quiet side of the island”, walking and exploring Wonderland Trail, relaxing at the Seawall area, dinner at a local favorite “The Seafood Ketch”, and finally taking in the sunset at the Lighthouse.

Due to the orientation of the land, you cannot directly watch the sunset at this lighthouse, but if the clouds and light are just right you get a pretty show and can use the lighthouse in the foreground to add interest to your pictures.

We arrived about 40 minutes before the sunset, as my niece and nephew wanted me to try to capture some portraits of the them on the rocks with the ocean and lighthouse behind.    When we arrived at the top of the stairs that lead down to the rocks from where you can view the lighthouse, the sun was hitting this buoy in a particularly beautiful light, and it was the first picture I snapped.



The clouds that had looked so promising a few hours earlier had for the most part blown east out over the ocean, with just a few remnants hanging around, so I wasn’t optimistic about getting great sunset skies on this night.



There are plenty of seagulls and crows flying around, but we even got treated to a rare “flyby” by a bald eagle.     The best I could manage (without falling off a rock), was to get him flying away.     Nice wing span!



The sunset was coming on fast,  and I loved the challenge of pressing the shutter when the lighthouse light was flashing.  🙂



As we clambered back up the rocks, I took a quick walk down the path to the other side of the lighthouse to snap a picture of the tower against the gathering darkness.  It turned out to be one of my favorites from the evening’s adventure.




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    My favorite lighthouse! I was just there last week at sunset with the family. Love how the red beacon stand out in the last two photographs.

  2. Beautiful photos as always – I walked Buffy early this morning and took some photos from the shore path, too – so beautiful.

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