Rain, Rain, Rain

June has started where May left off.   Four or five days of clouds, drizzle, and fog, then one day of glorious sunshine and perfect temperatures.   Occasionally, those rainy days include out-and-out soakers.

While I DO enjoy Acadia in the fog and mist, it would be nice to get a few days in a row of sunshine, especially since I’ve got family members visiting in a couple of weeks – so fingers crossed that this pattern changes!!

Every once in a while, these soaking rains come in the form of a “nor’easter”, where the system runs along the coast, pulling moisture in off the ocean.   The direction of the wind  comes from the northeast, hence the name “nor’easter”.    (I’m sure there is a more complex explanation for this meteorological event, but that’s as good as it gets here.)


Determined to make the best out of a less than desirable situation, I headed out to Ocean Drive on Sunday morning in time for high tide.   The rain at this point was just coming in squalls, not an out-and-out downpour, so with my rain gear on it wasn’t too bad.


The combination of the storm, high tide, and an almost full moon gave me an opportunity to catch some decent waves breaking against the rocks.     The surf looked gorgeous the entire length of Ocean Drive (see below) from Otter Cliffs to Sand Beach.



At one point it almost looked as though the storm was lifting.   Then a short time later, it really started to rain!  🙂   I really liked the intensity of the green against the gray of the sky and the red of the rocks here along an area known as “Monument Cove”.



The most challenging thing was keeping my camera lens free of raindrops.  A lot of shots got tossed in the recycle bin because of this.  Near the end of my walk, a seagull decided to keep me company.   I liked the comical aspect of this shot, and in spite of the raindrops decided to keep the picture.   I could not figure out what he or she wanted, but as soon as I moved, he/she jumped to very rock I had been standing on.  Apparently, I was on “his/her” spot!!


Sooooo, now that I’ve been (in my opinion), a very good sport about the weather, I REALLY wish the sun would shine!



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. I particularly like the next to last one for the texture and mood. After these did you go back and get a cup of tea and a goos mystery?

  2. wishing you sun real soon. what a darling seagull keeping you company like that. spectacular scenery.. : )

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