Weeds or Wildflowers?

This time of year brings all sorts of floral “surprises” growing along the roadsides, in the meadows, and in the woods.     What distinguishes a “weed” from a “wildflower”.   I always thought that if it showed up in MY garden it was weed, if it was in someone else’s garden it must be a wildflower.    Also, if it was in an area that I was unfamiliar with, SURELY it was a wildflower.

So in my first spring in Maine, I am enjoying the “wildflowers” along the way.     And also, the deer!   As I was hiking up  the hill on “Kebo Street”, I passed this deer meandering through someone’s yard.      I think she was attempting to disguise herself as  a yard ornament!



And now, back to the wildflowers!






How sweet are these little flowers in the pic below?   What I found most interesting was that they are some type of water or bog plant as they were growing profusely in the drainage ditch along the road.    Apparently, they open pink and turn blue as they mature!



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Had to respond to your pix on wildflowers/weeds. We must be on the same wave length because today I hung my little sign at the front door that states “May all your weeds be wildflowers.” Jinny

  2. Love the above comment, by the way. And some of the weeds are pretty flowers…so who decides…kind of like life! That deer made me nervous.I couldn’t believe my reaction as I say I am not paranoid because of the Lyme. But looking me in the eye, made me shiver!! Get the spray!!! (For yourself)…take care and love your journey. blessings, Judi

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. I don’t blame the poor deer Judi, I’m sure the deer don’t like the little bloodsuckers anymore than we do. The animals up here will rub themselves raw trying to get the ticks off . 😦

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