Sometimes it’s better………

Sometimes its better to see how far you have come, then to look at how far you have yet to go.



I hit several big milestones this week:

1.  This is  my 100th blog post!!

2.  I passed  400 miles (643.73 km) walked!!

3.  I am six months (1/2 way) into my original one year commitment of living on Mount Dessert Island!!


Today I decided to hike up Dorr mountain, which is the third highest peak on the island.    I didn’t get as early a start as I wanted to, and it was forecast to be a warm day (for Maine in May), and I wasn’t 100% certain I wanted to hike up Dorr today, but I tackled it anyway.    The hiking guide refers to Dorr as Cadillac’s “little brother”.   Well, Cadillac’s little brother kicked my butt today.   I don’t do well when I get hot, and I was hot (which always makes me grumpy).   But I was determined to get up that mountain, since the last time I tried ( a different trail up) I was defeated by the dreaded steel ladders.

So as I’m slogging my way up the mountain, the saying “Sometimes it is better to look at how far you have come then to think about how far you have yet to go”, came to mind.   I don’t know if someone important or famous said that, or if I just came up with a variation on a theme, but the quote below (that I DID find) seemed to compliment my thinking nicely.

When the road ahead seems too long, look back to see how far you’ve come. For, even if the hill before you is steep, the view gives you hope to finish the journey.   Kessler, Daniella


I would not say that after six months here, I am a “new woman”, but I am a woman more at peace with the hand life has dealt her, and that (for me) is a huge step (or however many steps are in 400 miles) in the right direction.

So today, I am looking at how far I’ve come, not at how far I have yet to go!   And on that note, a few more notables.

*Numbers are approximate*

  • 2000 images shot with my Canon and iPhone
  • 38 (of 45) miles of carriage roads hiked (several, numerous times) and ALL of the bridges found and photographed
  • 8 summits attained, in no particular order:  (Kebo, Day Mountain, Great Head, Pemetic, Dorr, Champlain, Gorham, the Triad)
  • No injuries, of consequence (in other words I didn’t need to be carried off any mountains)
  • 125 volunteer hours (Friends of Acadia and Jessup Library)
  • 50 books read

I’m sure there are others, but these are the accomplishments that spring t mind as I think about my time here.   Thank you for joining me on this journey.  We forge ahead and look to the horizon.






About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Proud of you!

  2. David Patterson

    Congrats on the many milestones, though as I can tell, you are only just getting started! I’m enjoying reading about your adventures… thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats on so many successes! May your next 6 mths here on MDI be equally rewarding.
    Yes, some of the hikes to the summits can do a person in! When we hiked Gorham to the Bowl, I found it difficult to walk for several days! It was the boulders that got me… but I’ll not give up!
    We will see you one of these days I am sure.
    Take care mending your soul, and have a good week.
    How is the Bio Lab job going?!

    • Thanks Sheila. Actually, my legs felt fine. I could not catch my breath; probably a spot of asthma from the pollen and the heat. The bio lab is going great – nice people, beautiful location, perfect hours. I think I got the best seasonal job on the island!

  4. Impressive resume, Carol. And don’t forget the daily cat walks.

  5. wonderful post carol.. : )

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