Raindrops keep fallin’

Yes, the raindrops keep falling on my head and everywhere else this week!    And just when I thought we were catching a break (waking up to beautiful blue skies this morning), by the time I finished work; the clouds had rolled back in and the now I hear the sound of rain again outside my window.

But hope springs eternal that this weather pattern of the last two weeks is going to change, and EVENTUALLY we’ll get some extended periods of sun.

One of the positives was getting to try out my new “rain pants” that I ordered from Sierra Trading Post (fun shopping website with some good deals to be had).    Took the short two-mile “shore path” walk in the rain and they worked out great.   Now I have no excuses!    And at least (with all this rain), the car is getting a regular washing.



Thursday, we had TORRENTIAL rain (again), which causes some flooding on my patio.   Good thing I have another entrance.   Even Bam Bam wasn’t interested in taking this on:



Once this rain stops, I’m looking forward to cleaning up the tree debris and getting some flowers for the patio!    The large tree next door will provide some great shade for this area when the sun returns.



Tomorrow, it’s back to the trails, and with the predicted sunshine I expect to have pics of brighter skies and fairer scenery to share with you!

Rain is a four letter word

© Brian Tang

Whenever  it rains, I feel so free Free as a bird, rain is my life
Washing away  my troubles Quenching my sun baked soul
While others rush for cover I stroll among the empty streets
 The rain dancing upon my lips
Looking up at the gray clouds I open my mouth to catch the rain
 Laughing at the silliness of it
Whenever I am sad The rain hides  my tears,
 And soothes me with The fresh clean air
The soft  pitter-patter on my window
Lulls me to sleep as it sings its lullaby
I  let out a sigh As I wave goodbye
 To the departing clouds
The sun  shining through
Until next time rain
For now I bid thee Adieu

Read more: Rain is a four letter word, Rain Poems http://www.poetryinnature.com/nature/poetry.asp?poem=5863#ixzz1ucxXxtUA from http://www.PoetryInNature.com


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Yes, Carol, the rains have been torrential, but today, clear blue skies, tons of sunshine! Yaaaay. Outside we’ll be, too. The rain verse is lovely. Thank you for sharing. We hope you enjoy your new position the Bio Lab.

    • I hiked around Eagle lake today. Where did you end up?

      • Good Sunday Morning Carol – and Happy Mother’s Day if you are one. Yesterday’s story was a total surprise planned by Jim, who actually managed to keep a few secrets – it was a “mystery” day. After walking out to Bar Is in the beautiful morning clear air, we headed out on a mystery trip, planned by Jim. We went to walk the Bog Boardwalk, in Orono/Bgr. It was short but very different from our MDI hikes. Then for a bite at Murphy’s Irish Pub, then for the BIG surprise – the Gordon Lightfoot Concert at UMO Collins Ctr. What a fun time, sold out, front row seats, and he did not blast us out of our chairs! “In the Early Morning Rain” has always been a favorite!
        Today doesnot look as promising, sky-wise, but we’ll be out there sometime, somewhere. And no doubt we’ll run into you… have a great day.

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