Signs of Spring – Part II

Things are really starting to “green up” here on Mount Desert Island, especially in Bar Harbor.   And after a very dry March, and relatively dry April, we are seeing more “typical” spring weather patterns.  Several days of rain, drizzle, and fog followed by a couple of glorious days of clear blue skies, light winds, and temps around 60 degrees (for my world-wide friends that’s around 15c).

After finishing my first day  🙂 , at my seasonal job at MDI Biological Laboratories (more on that in another post), I came home, grabbed a quick lunch and headed “downtown” (all of two blocks away) to snap a few more “spring is coming” photos.



One sure sign are awnings and signs going up, and windows being washed.  Here is a popular breakfast spot, which will reopen for the season in a couple of weeks.  Looks like a great place to sit and have tea and a bagel, right?



The fountain was scrubbed out a few weeks ago, and now has water flowing.   This fountain is located in Agamont Park which overlooks the harbor.  You can catch a glimpse of that deep blue water in the background of this photo.

Last week, the first cruise ship of the season was in port.    The harbor is not deep enough to accommodate cruise ships docking harborside, so passengers wishing to come ashore are ferried from the ships to the town pier.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Mount Desert Island from the deck of a small boat on several occasions, and I can only imagine what a beautiful sight it would be sailing in on a cruise ship.    Keep an eye out on this blog for pics of a variety of ships, everything from small ships of 150 feet, to the Queen Mary II due to dock this fall.




On the way home I snapped a couple of pictures of the Bed and Breakfast across the street from me that has just reopened.   It’s one of several B&B’s on the block.




And finally, a pictures of Pebbles, the cat “enjoying” her morning on our patio, which I hope to populate with some plants and flowers of its own later this week.  And  yes, she REALLY was enjoying it, really!



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Really? She looks irritated! 🙂

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