Just a walkin’ my …….. cat

Don’t laugh, but nearly every day (unless it’s pouring down rain), you will find me heading down the block with Bam Bam, the cat.   He enjoys being outside immensely, but cannot be trusted to roam the neighborhood, as that would eventually end in disaster.  (Ask my bank account after he was hit and thrown by a car; broken jaw, fed through a feeding tube for six weeks; oh yes – 9 years later he ONLY walks on a leash).

Having a moment with ribbon

When Bam Bam was younger, he had a happy, go lucky personality.  Now, at the ripe old age of 11 ish (he came as a not yet full-grown stray 11 years ago), he is more like a needy, grumpy old man, but he stills knows how to charm, when he’s out strutting his stuff.  (Here he is, ready and not so patiently waiting).


In case you were wondering, let me assure you that walking a cat is nothing like walking a dog.  It is an exercise in extreme patience; and some days I do better than others in this regard.   Sometimes we walk an entire quarter of a block without stopping!    Sometimes we walk three feet – stop, three feet – stop, and so on.

But wherever we go, we DO get attention.   I have had people stop their cars, pull over and lean out the window to make sure they are seeing what they think they are seeing.          I have had too many to count comments of:  “never seen THAT before”, and “are you WALKING a cat?!”.     Since moving to Bar Harbor, Bam Bam has even had someone come out of their house, WITH a camera and ask me if they could take his picture – yes, he really should have his own blog.



We’ve established a route since arriving here.   First, we cross the street to get a nibble of catnip from the B&B’s  front garden.     Then we cross back to “our” side of the street and head on up to see Marion (who is kind enough to let us walk in her driveway).   We eat a little of Marion’s grass, and then we head over to the (as yet) unopened motel on Main Street.  (We are going to be very sad in a few weeks when this place starts buzzing with guests).   In the meantime, we walk the whole way around the perimeter of the property, along the entry doors.  But wait, that’s too much walking.  Stop, roll in the gravel, get up, walk three feet and lay down in the sun.  Get the stomach rubbed.   Along the way, get a few stares, meet a few people, get a few pets, and so on…….



But possibly, the funniest reaction I’ve gotten was from the dog whisperer who was working with a dog across the street a few days ago.  Bam Bam I are ambling out the driveway and the guy stops what he is doing, stares at us, says “Holy s**t, how did you train a cat to do that?!”, then resumes his dog activity.    Bam Bam just looks up at me with that “they just don’t get it” look, and we continue on our way.  Sometimes, he’s such a show off.



In truth it is not so much a walk, as it is an amble, or a meandering.  It is certainly not exercise; although Bam Bam always seems ready to eat when we get back.  Eat, then nap for one must recover from such fame and notoriety.     Such is the life of the fat and famous Bam Bam.


"Yes, I need my beauty rest now, thank you"

I noticed last week on my blog stats that someone had searched for “Bam Bam, the cat”, so I thought I should give him his due………..


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Enjoyed this one.

  2. I thought of you the other day. I had the kids at Petco and we saw two cats wanting to be adopted, Fred and Wilma were their names!!!

  3. Karin Anderson

    I really enjoyed your walking the cat. By the way, we have some catnip in our flower bed, too. They critters like to “bathe” in it.

  4. Great name!

  5. I remember moving house and putting our cat on a lead. She just sat, immovable. Giving up in despair, we unfastened the lead and she promptly ran off and over the fence to meet the nextdoor neighbours dog. Short time later she flew back over the fence and in her hurry jumped straight into the pond. Needless to say, she was much more hesistant when she went out next!

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