Climb every mountain

Yesterday, I hiked Pemetic, the 4th highest mountain peak on the island.   If you will recall, two weeks ago I hiked Champlain which is the 5th highest peak, so I’m literally “working my way up”.

Pemetic is the name that the Wabanaki Indians gave the mountains here, meaning “range of mountains” or “mountains seen at a distance.”   The Wabanaki seasonally fished, hunted, gathered berries, clams, and other shellfish in this area.    So it is only appropriate that one of the mountains retain this name.

Setting Out

This trail begins next to Bubble Pond, and is a steady uphill climb, with one or two (are you serious?) moments in terms of steepness.    I was very glad that I had my backpack in which to stash my camera and water bottle, as the fewer distractions the better.  I also had my handy-dandy emergency whistle hanging around my neck, which is something I hope I NEVER need to use.

After a mile of uphill hiking, I began to get above the tree line and was rewarded with some great views of Bubble pond below, Cadillac mountain directly across from me, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.  In the opposite direction, I could see across Frenchman’s Bay to the mainland of Maine (pictured below).


I continued hiking another half mile to the summit.    From here, you really felt like you were “on top of the world”, or in this case; on top of the island!!   It was fun to look at all the different bodies of water, which after living and hiking here for nearly five months, I was able to identify quickly.   It is difficult to convey the sense of spaciousness one gets from this vantage point, but it the photographs below, I try.   (Remember, any of these images can be viewed full screen by clicking on, then using your brower’s “back” button to return to the post.)




As you can see, the weather was quite glorious, although it was a bit “breezy” on top of that mountain.   We really don’t like to use the word “windy” here on the island, so in that case I guess you could say I’m recovering from a bit of “breezeburn” on my face.

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of texture in the rock.  The picture below gives you a good idea of the cracked and ragged nature of some of the rock found here, especially on the mountaintops.




In the next picture, you can see Jordan pond and the roof of the Jordan Pond House, one of the popular destinations during the summer for park visitors.    When the wealthy first began to use this area as their “playground”, Jordan Pond was a popular destination for picnicking, and afternoon “tea”.    Today, visitors can recreate that experience by enjoying “tea and popovers” while sitting out on the lawn and enjoying the view of the pond and surrounding mountains.   The dress code, however,  is bit more casual these days.



After enjoying the views and savoring my accomplishment, I set off down the mountain.    Sometimes, going down the hill is more challenging than going up the hill.     This hike was no exception.   There were some VERY steep sections (the trail guide described the trail as nose diving), so it was all about concentrating and taking your time.   The funniest thing was as I was picking my way down the hill, and feeling quite alone, (except for the turkey vultures gliding the thermals overhead – why did I feel like they were waiting for something?), my cell phone starts ringing.    Needless to say, I didn’t stop to answer it, and I was actually glad to know I had cell phone reception at this point, but it did make laugh at the craziness of technology these days.



I was happy when I reached the NICE, FLAT carriage road that runs along Bubble Pond.   By this time I was thinking about lunch and how good the apple and peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my exotic hiking foods) was going to taste while sitting on a rock near the pond and soaking up the sun.


The picture below is where I had my “picnic” before heading home, and resting my tired, but happy self.











About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    Carol… Pemetic is on my list of mountains to climb this summer. I’ve been holding off – maybe because I thought it was going to be steep – but your photographs and narrative have whetted my appetite! Don’t you just love Bubble Pond?

    • Compared to Champlain, it was a steeper, but shorter climb. It took me a little more than an hour (going up), but I take it especially slow since I hike alone – I call it stepping with intention! It is definately worth it when you get to the top. I think next time I would try a different route down, or take a friend along. I was a bit intimidated by the steep downhill. There are some AMAZING opportunities for shots of Bubble Pond, where it seems you are hanging right out over the water. Mine didn’t turn out so good, but with your photography experience, you would likely get some great shots. Yes, I like the relative quiet of Bubble Pond when compared with Jordan Pond!

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