The Secret………beach

One of my favorite evening activities is to study maps and guide books about possible hikes and new “finds”.    Believe me, there is still PLENTY here I’ve yet to explore.   One of my favorite guide books is “A Walk in the Park” by Tom St. Germain.  Now I will be honest – I’ve modified a few of his hikes to make them a little more moderate in terms of challenge.    I’ve learned that his term “moderate” is quite broad.

Anyhoo, reading through several of the hikes, I came upon a little note regarding a simple half mile hike off a side road that leads to a “pebble” beach.    It’s not on the park map, and hard to spot on the regular trail map.


Approach to the beach, at trail's end


Like a number of other “beaches” in Acadia this one is composed of small, medium, and large “pebbles”  forming a protected cove.   One of the lovely elements of this beach was a fresh water stream that runs through the woods, over the cobblestones, and into the ocean.




Here is a view of the stream looking the opposite direction, from the shoreline.   It gives you an idea of the beautiful variations of texture and color in these rocks.   As the surf rolls in and out over the stones, it makes a soft chattering sound; very soothing.




While there isn’t any sand on which to spread your blanket, there were several outcroppings of rock, large enough to accommodate your blanket and picnic basket.  For those hot summer days wear your surf shoes and wade in the ocean or splash in the shallow pools which form at the end of the stream.



Ahhhhh, relax and enjoy.  I’ll be back “secret beach”.






About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Karin Anderson

    That’s Richard’s favorite spot! We come here quite often – it’s so beautiful.

  2. Karin Anderson

    Changed my desktop to PEBBLES!

  3. David Patterson

    Isn’t it amazing what you can find in Acadia. Just when you think you know your way around, up pops another surprise like this one… lovely!

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