If not now……….when?

April is nearly upon us and that means that the shops, restaurants, bed and breakfast, and anything else I haven’t mentioned begin the annual ritual of preparing for the influx of people who turn this sleepy little island into a bustling tourist mecca.   This also means that it’s time to begin the search for seasonal employment.


A sleepy town for just a little longer!


I have mixed feelings about this seasonal employment (for myself).  On one hand I think it would kind of fun to work during this busy time; a great way to meet people, and a little extra cash would certainly be nice.  On the other hand if I only stay here for one year, I’m feeling selfish about my time; with the ability to hike and photograph when the crowds, weather and light suit my needs.

I’m also feeling that this my be the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into writing.  After all, who hasn’t dreamed of living by the sea and writing?    It is a case of “if not now, when”?      It has been a conscious decision to keep this blog fairly light and upbeat, but as I read through my journal entries, I realize that many of them deserve to be expanded upon in a format better suited to a different medium.


Ahhhh, writing by the sea.


I’ve applied for a few seasonal office positions and I’m not allowing myself to get too “attached” to any of these jobs.  If the opportunity presents, I’ll take the job, do the work, and cash the check.  If not, I’m going to give myself a job and schedule time at this lovely little writing desk I recently “borrowed” from my landlord.


No more excuses!


As Doris Day sang:  “Que sa ra, sa ra”, whatever will be, will be.





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. You write beautifully, Carol. Follow your heart. Having said that, there may be a wealth of interesting experiences to be gained by being in the thick of things with the tourists — experiences that could inspire more writing! Tell any prospective you’ll work only on rainy days…

  2. Good luck! Someone from some business office called me today for a reference. I hope I did well in trying to explain what a fantastic employee you would make for them!

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