The First Day of Spring

After a surprisingly mild winter here on the island (we might have had 18 inches of snow all winter, which is what we average in February alone most winters), spring has arrived early in the form of mild temperatures.   The crocus are blooming and the robins have arrived.

I celebrated this first day of spring by hiking up Gorham mountain, overlooking the ocean, then lunching at Sand Beach where it was warm enough to take off my hiking shoes and cool my feet in the surf.   The warm sand felt wonderful to walk on, the surf was cold (about 40 degrees), so a few splashes took care of the sweaty feet in a hurry!






The sun was  sparkling off the water like diamonds, and I quickly warmed up as I set off from Sand Beach hiking along the ocean trail.    I never tire of seeing the sunshine onthe water – drug free anti-depressant!  When I reached the trail head for Gorham mountain, I knew that the easiest part of the hike was behind me.

The hike held some interesting sights as I climbed,  including this “tunnel” that even I, at 5’3″ had to duck to walk through.

Tunnel along Gorham mountain hike

I also found a plaque honoring Walter Bates, one of the first (well after the Indians of course) trail creators of Acadia.    As I have hiked around the park, I have “discovered” a number of plaques honoring various persons,  but I don’t know how many there is total.      So it’s a bit like a treasure hunt!

My hike lead me along an area known as Cadillac Cliffs, and there were a few spots where the drop off was significant.   Since the trees are still leafless, there were wonderful views of the ocean as my trail twisted and turned up and over the mountainside.

After about a mile of hiking uphill, I was rewarded with fantastic views of the island and the coastline.   Since most hikes here on the island start at sea level, or slightly above; even a small mountain top (like Gorham at 525 feet) will give you stellar views.   Worth the climb!!   NOTE:  Any pictures that you want to view full screen, just “right-click” on, then use your back button to return to the blog.

Sand Beach and Frenchman's Bay in the distance

The "uphill" portion of my hike started from the road below.

Cadillac Mountain from Gorham summit

Mission Accomplished! It's all downhill from here.


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    One of my favorite family hikes in Acadia… I envy your proximity to Sand Beach and everything else within the park, but I also appreciate the frequent blog posts updating your adventures and experiences within what must be one of the most beautiful 108 square miles anywhere 🙂

    Any ice still on the mountain trails? I’m thinking of bringing my home-from-college-on-spring-break son down for a hike soon. Thanks.

  2. David, the trails I’ve hiked recently were all ice free (except for a couple of spots which you could work around), and after today and Thursday, I imagine those will be gone too! I was in Bangor today and it was 85 degrees – crazy. I’m hoping to try sunrise tomorrow – the spirit is willing, but…………. :-).

  3. What a beautiful way to celebrate the first day of Spring, Carol! And gorgeous photos!

    I had to laugh at the 525 feet sign. I live at 7,000 feet and I haven’t seen sea level in just about a decade now. Boy, I miss those hikes from back East. Not just the lower terrain, but the environment and the water too. 🙂

    • Katie, I know I’m almost embarrassed to post those altitude pictures!! But having mountains right next to ocean on the East Coast is a big deal!! The tallest one in “the range” is just over 1500 feet.

      • Nah, don’t be embarrased! I loved teh photos, and I love the water too. We don’t have lakes, water, etc. here, which is just horrible! I’d love live again next to a place with with water and oceans and mountains too. 🙂 Loved Acadia when I was there too!

        Take care, Carol! And keep sharing those beautiful photos!

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