Adventure next to the high seas

Last week was full moon week.   Along with that came one heck of an early March wind storm.   The wind was blowing strong from the south and the tide was coming in.   The temperature hit 55 degrees, so the wind while daunting to walk in, was not cold.   A great day to next to the ocean hiking and surf watching.


I was quite pleased myself when I decided to use the climb from Sand Beach up the face of the Great Head Trail as a sort of “interval training”, and while out of breath (when reaching the top), not nearly so much as when I climbed it last November, just after arriving.  Perhaps this bodes well for my spring “elevation” climbs?”



The combination of strong winds and warmer temps was creating an almost summer like haze and the smell of salt spray was heavy in the air.


The winds arrived in full force later that afternoon and into the night with 50 mph+ wind gusts and heavy rain throwing sticks and small branches against the front door and window making for a restless night for the cats and I.    The power blinked on once or twice but other than that, all we needed was a little patio clean up and an afternoon nap the next day to recover.

Finally, a sure sign of spring:   The town removed the protective coverings from the large fountains in the two town parks!   This has me looking forward to enjoying the next season of Acadia!!


Egg Rock Lighthouse through the haze and sea mist.




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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