Black and White – Bass Harbor and Seawall

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and the Seawall area are two of my favorite locations in Acadia.    Because they are surrounded by working fishing villages, they have a very “authentic” New England/Coastal Maine feel to them.   They are unhurried, windswept, and beautiful.

Continuing my experimentation with black and white landscapes, I visited these two favorite areas.   Weather was more conducive to shooting in black and white with the sky being the star of show, changing literally by the minute.



My first stop was Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, a working lighthouse, but now fully automated.   When I first walked around to this side of the lighthouse, I thought there was really nothing here to shoot, but then I looked up and viola!   This ended up being one of my favorite shots of the day.



The sky started out clear, but quickly began to fill with clouds.  I tried different angles from the rock ledge, and decided on the one below allowing the rocks to fill the foreground.  I think it  reflects just how imposing this coastline can be.



From here I moved on to the Seawall area.   I love the view looking over the bay toward the mountains of Acadia, and the stretch of natural stone piled up along the beach.



I finished out my black and white experiment at Bass Harbor Marsh.   In this case, I actually preferred the color shots I got at this location because the color of the marsh grass against the dark gray sky was quite dramatic (you’ll get to see those later).  But, I was pretty happy with the shot below; I liked how the shape of the shrubs seemed to mirror the shape of clouds (or vice versa).



Hope you are enjoying these forays into the world of black and white.  It’s fun to “mix it up a bit”.




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. I love how the sky came out on the first 2 photos!

  2. David Patterson

    Awesome! Like you seem to be, I’m also on a black and white kick lately. Love the lighthouse photographs… very dramatic and “strong” if that makes sense?

    • Thanks David. Yes, I was happy with the “strengh” of the lighthouse photos too. I think I was just getting tired of looking at the same colorations in all my photos (winter colors), so the b&w gives me a new way to look at and think about the landscape.

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