Back in black………….and white

I really enjoy Black and White photography.     I think when done well, it has the ability to convey emotion in a  way that color photography does not.  Perhaps the “rods and cones” (in our eyes) are so dazzled by color that our brains aren’t able to pick up the same emotion communicated in a black and white photograph.

Such were my musings when I decided to hike out to Bubble Pond today after a fresh dusting of snow received on Monday.

Ice Grippers on and ready to go!

I decided to try shooting as much as possible in black and white.  It was a brilliant, cloudless sky (nice for hiking, not as great for shooting), there was a fresh coating of white snow on the ground, and I’m pretty much of a novice photographer – (but I sure do have fun!  🙂    Trying not to end up with a bunch of “flat” looking photographs was going to be a challenge.

My first stop was along Eagle Lake looking west.   The lake is frozen over and snow-covered, so I tried to make the mountains the focal point.  I would have liked to have had some rocks or something in the foreground, but I cropped this one a bit and just tried to keep it clean and simple.


Snow covered Eagle Lake


A bit further down the road, I found this beautiful stream with ice-covered rocks.  However, it was tough to get the definition that my eye saw in the ice using black and white.  I pumped up the contrast, and that helped, but the brightness still washed out the definition more than I would have liked.  Where is Ansel Adams when you need him?



Once I arrived at Bubble Pond, I ate lunch and scouted around for some angles to make a black and white photo of the pond more interesting.  My favorite one ended up being this shot of some large boulders with the snow-covered pond in background.



A bit more scouting in this area, yielded this lovely little waterfall on a stream running out of the pond.     A decided to use a longer shutter speed to “smooth” out the water.   I really like the dominance of the boulders in the right hand part of this shot.



And finally, on the way back, a small stream winding its way through the snow.   In an attempt to add definition to this shot, I added some sepia tone post production.  As a result I think it gives the shot a different feel.



I felt today was a good learning experience, and the next time I decide to experiment with Black and White, I’ll be able to put to use some of the things I learned from today.  And besides, it was a gorgeous day for hiking!!

And just because I can………..I’m including this color shot of Bubble Pond that I really liked!   And you can see how amazing the weather was!





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. David Patterson

    Bubble Pond is one of my favorite places! Love the black and whites, especially the one that you called your favorite. Funny… I have several new posts lined up on my own blog and they are all about black and white photography 🙂

    • I had Bubble Pond all to myself today. I’m going to miss that when the “tourists” show up! 🙂 I will look forward to your black and white photographs and commentary. I must say, I miss the days of grainey b&w film. It’s just not the same with digital. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to get those effects in Adobe. Sigh.

      • David Patterson

        Just you wait… those tourists will be here before you know it. The good news though is that you are probably learning of lots of places that they won’t know of, so there will always be somewhere to go to escape the summer hordes 🙂

      • That’s my goal, avoid the tourists!

  2. I like the look of the one you added the sepia tone to. On the computer, at least, it seems to add some depth to the picture.

  3. Even though they may be in black and white, you have a multitude of colors about to explode inside of you!! I love you sharing your journey and thank you and bless you always, Judi

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