Another Day……… Mountain

Was so excited to find a stretch of carriage road on Day Mountain yesterday where the ice had melted enough for me to walk it.   Unfortunately, the northern side of the road was still iced over, so I had to turn around and hike back the way I came.

Slowly, the ice is melting, some detours still required

Found another Carriage Road Bridge - this is the "Triad-Day Bridge"

I don’t think I mentioned this in any earlier postings, but there is a strange dirth of birds on the island, at least during the winter.   Either that, or there is some conspiracy among the birds that when they see me and my blue coat approaching they are whispering “shhh, be quiet, do NOT let that woman see us”.      However, today I managed to “sneak up” on some downy woodpeckers, and a small flock of juncos.

The ice flows continue to provide for interesting viewing on my hikes.   I liked this one so much that I laid down on the ground to shoot it.   Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I got home that I caught some lens flare from the sun that peaking in and out, but I really liked the angle of the ice with the tree canopy so I’m sharing it anyway.

Fortunately, no one else happened along while I was lying along the road or they might have called 911 and that would have been most embarrassing!

During the summer this section of carriage road is used to transport people (who are too lazy to hike up Day Mountain)  up the mountain in a horse-drawn cart.   So it was nice to get a chance to hike this stretch of road before it is filled with horse “patties”.   Oh, and if you are handicapped by all means enjoy the view from the top of the mountain via the carriage, otherwise please walk!  🙂

Just before the exit of the trail is a short detour to the monument erected in honor of Samuel Champlain who gave Mount Desert Island its name (after the “deserted” or “bald” mountain tops).   Also, one of the mountains on the island is called Champlain.


I even got about a mile of trail hiking in on a stretch of trail that was new (to me) called “Hunter Cliffs”.    Again ice on the rocks prevented me from hiking the entire trail, but it looks like it will be a fun one to explore once spring arrives.   This trail is actually on private land where the park, hiking groups, and private land owners cooperate to allow access to scenic areas.    One of the interesting aspects of Acadia National Park is that it’s boundaries are erratic and intersect frequently with privately owned land, so the generosity of private land owners to “share their bounty” with the public is much admired (by me), and perpetuates the spirit in which this park was created.


Looking east to the ocean, along Hunter Cliffs trail





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Karin Anderson

    Carol, I really admire your stamina, going on those hikes with these either slippery icy or yucky muddy conditions. As you know, I think more in the “what can I bake on a day like this” lines…
    And I do like your nature photos. When I was still living in Germany, I had my walls plastered with large photos from MDI to dream about.

  2. beautiful hike, I love Day mountain.

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