Patience, Luck, and Focus

On my hike along the ocean this past Friday, I was blessed with a glorious day – sunshine, breezy, a temperature of 40 degrees (unlike the 8 degrees it is as I write this 48 hours later).   The tide was coming in and the sky was that brilliant Maine winter blue, which turns the ocean into a beautiful shade of blue.    This generally means you can catch some good surf photos………if you are patient enough.

How well I remember “the old days” of burning through 10 rolls of film in hopes of getting a few good shots.   Certainly one of the greatest joys of digital is the ability to shoot away with impunity.  The only down side,  you have to slog through all those “not so good” (avoid the word “BAD”), photos once they are downloaded on the computer.

But I got pretty lucky today.   Not a huge wave, but a nice hook on the wave and the splash.  Only took about a dozen shots.

Surf near Otter Point

The most exciting part is when you get so caught up in what is happening “down the shore”, that you forget (at least I do) what is happening right next to you.   Almost got wet on this next one, which even though nothing was happening down shore, I heard the breaker and saw the splash out of the corner of my right eye and snapped the picture.   Close call, would have been a chilly walk back to the car!

Watch out for that wave on the right!


On the way back, I was graced by a visit from a bald eagle cruising just above the tree line.   Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my telephoto lens on the camera body in time to take a good picture of him, but he was a magnificent creature.   I imagine he was hoping for a red squirrel, or some type of fish (yummm…..eagle sushi).    He flew back around for one more pass at a fairly low altitude before taking off high above the trees.




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Love that shot!

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