Carriage Roads – Part III – Bridges

For my third installment of the series “The Carriage Roads”, I wanted to focus on the bridges that are located throughout the roads system.    There are 16 bridges in all.  Of these 16 bridges, only 3 of them cross over or under automobile roads, the other 13 are tucked away, deep in the woods, like wonders to be discovered in a treasure hunt.

Cobblestone Bridge - Built 1917

The bridge pictured above was the first to be built in 1917.    As with all of the bridges Rockefeller’s ideal was to have them blend into the landscape and “delight the eye”.  Each one was to have their own character and view.   Some were small and intimate in nature, some sweeping and grand.

A humble single arch bridge over Hadlock Brook - 1926

Triple Arch bridge over Duck Brook - 1929

It  took 21 years to complete the 16 bridges.  All of the bridges are made out of Maine granite, and all have (for those architect geeks out there), barrel or modified Gothic arches.     The design of the bridges were inspired by Rockefeller’s trips to Europe and a couple of them were modeled after a favorite bridge in Central Park, in New York City.

The granite was cut “rough-hewn”  to show off the craftsmanship required to cut the stone, but to maintain an informal look.

Close up of stonework

Great example of Archwork on Hemlock Bridge - 1924

The entry and exit on the bridges were equally important with the goal to provide a seamless transistion between the landscape and the bridge.

Entrance and exit on Cobblestone Bridge

Of the sixteen bridges, I have hiked over (or under) eleven.    Five to go!  Part four (and likely final) installment of this series will discuss the Gatehouses on the Carriage Road system.


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Great pic’s …I love bridges…..they, to me are so prophetic on how important it is and symbolic they are in relationships and building and maintaining them!!! thanks for these!!

  2. Next trip up….I’d like to see these….

  3. David Patterson

    Carol… aren’t those carriage road bridges spectacular? I love the trail along the Jordan Pond Stream that leads to the Cobblestone Bridge… probably my favorite of all of them.

  4. Beautiful photography!

  5. JB Photography, thanks for checking out my blog and your kind words. I’m headed over to see yours now……………. 🙂

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