Ocean Drive in January

Many people have asked me WHY I chose to move to Maine at the beginning of winter (this was after they asked me why I was moving to Maine at all).   Well, for one thing it just worked out that way with the sale of my home.   For another, I wanted to experience all of the four seasons of Acadia.   The following picture speaks for itself: (click to view full size)

Ocean Drive after a fresh snow

I woke to a steady snow this morning.     I resigned myself to a cloudy day spent reading, and internet browsing.   Much to my surprise and delight, around 10:00 a.m. I saw the first signs of blue sky out my window.   I set my book aside, packed a lunch, cleaned off my car, grabbed my camera, and by 11:00 a.m. I was headed out of town.   The roads were still snow packed, but the sun was bright and the temperature was rising.   I had a sense that “this” was what I had been waiting for (photography wise).

Even the entrance signs look great in the snow!

While the colors of Acadia are always striking on a clear day,  the brilliance of today was memorable.   The white of the snow, bare birch trees and the breakers; the blue of sky and the water, and the green of the pine trees peaking through the snow, combined with the bright sunshine was truly breathtaking.   I wish that blogs has “sensorama”, because the smell of the day was equally unparalleled.     If I could bottle that combination of pine, fresh snow, and salt spray I would be a millionaire.   I certainly felt rich as I walked along the shore line and took in the magnificent scenery.

Looking North toward the "Beehive"

Even “Thunder Hole” was alive today.    “Thunder Hole” is a location along Ocean Drive that with the right combination of tide and surf,  a very loud booming “thunder” like noise occurs and the splash consumes a large chunk of real estate.   Frankly, this rarely happens.   It wasn’t exactly “thundering” today, but it was at least having  a good “rumble”.

"Thunder Hole" with a bit of rumble

I am getting spoiled, I realize, having this place to myself  (yesterday, I spent an hour at Sand Beach and did not see one other person).     I had to chuckle when I caught myself thinking it was getting “busy” today, when I counted all of eight other vehicles during my two hours in the park.    Come “high season” in July and August, there will be more than a million people enjoying Acadia.

But today, it was (almost) all mine.   A fellow photographer and park enthusiast that I met along the road today made the comment:  “I have been here sixteen years, and the first real snowfall is always magical”.  Magical indeed.  I could not agree more.

A peaceful park loop road





About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Beautiful. I’m jealous. We’re to get our first big snow tonight.

  2. Very beautiful – the combination of blue and whites are really amazing! You’re really getting some great pictures!

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