100 Miles and Counting!

Today, I passed the 100 mile mark in hiking Acadia trails and carriage roads.   I’ve been here 46 days, so you do the math – that’s not too bad!!  I also have reached the half way point in hiking the carriage roads (there’s 57 miles of those), or 28.5 miles.

Carriage road on the way to Aunt Betty Pond

Today’s hike was six miles along the carriage road that took me past Aunt Betty Pond and finished along Eagle Lake.    Not the most inspiring stretch of roads I’ve walked so far but a pleasant walk nevertheless.   Good for thinking about the ways of the universe (and whether or not six miles would earn me a piece of cheesecake).    There was quite a bit of uphill hiking on this bit of the road, so I was glad that I had carried my lunch (lentil and mushroom soup) with me.   I found a delightfully sunny spot about three miles into the hike, and although the temperature was only 20 degrees (fh), the cushion of pine needles was warm, the tree trunk provided nice support for my back, and I was even able take off my winter coat!

Lunch Break - I loved the pattern of colors over the marsh and pond

I feel great about my accomplishments so far, and grateful for how much hiking I’ve been able to do thanks to the small amount off snow we’ve had so far this winter.   While the trails are off-limits (due to the ice), the carriage roads have been virtually clear of ice and snow since New Year’s.    And, yes, I decided six miles DID earn me a piece of cheesecake today!   Reward threshold is 5+ miles (for one hike).

On a clear day..............

Possibly the most rewarding thing from today’s hike (aside from the cheesecake), was the view of Mt. Katahdin.   The picture above shows one of the tallest mountain peaks in Maine – about 50 miles from where I stood and rising to a height of nearly 5000 feet.

And while it is bothersome to have to put on three or four layers of clothing to hike, the rewards of hiking Acadia in winter are many – no bugs, no sweating,  no people, just a marvelous silence, abundent fresh air, and communion with nature.






About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. When I look at “Icicle Abstract” I see the blessed face of Bristol Palin!

  2. Congratulations! What an accomplishment. And how soul stirring too. 🙂

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