Witch Hole Pond and Paradise Cove Hikes

A hike last Thursday took me on another section of the carriage road system, called Witch Hole Pond.   I have not to date been able to find out WHY it is called Witch Hole Pond, because it wasn’t terribly scary looking.   But in my quest to hike all 57 miles of the Carriage Roads, I wanted to get this look accomplished.

The loop itself is about 3.5 miles with another mile in and back.   I learned as I reached the start of loop that there is a public road that takes you to the “start” of the loop.    In the emminent words of Homer Simpson “DOH”!   So, I ended up adding two miles two my hike that wasn’t necessary, but it WAS a good workout!  I went back on Sunday and did the shorter loop, taking  MORE pictures, because the day was sublime (for January weather and picture-taking).

A partially frozen Witch Hole Pond

From looking at the map, I was anticipating a rather average hike in terms of views.  Well, I was wrong.   When I talked about how Mr. Rockefeller (Carriage Roads – Part I) designed these roads with views in mind; this road was a perfect example.

As I turned the corner of the section of road that began the Witch Hole Pond Loop, I was greeted by the sight of the largest of the bridges in the carriage road system – Duck Brook Bridge.   Three glorious arches, spanning the ravine through which Duck Brook cascades.

Duck Brook Bridge, built 1929

Looking at the rushing water flowing beneath the bridge, I knew that I found another great spot for a picnic!


Duck Brook viewed from the bridge

So this was at the beginning of the loop!  Yes that Mr. Rockefeller knew what he was doing!    On Sunday, I added the “Paradise Cove” loop to my hike andwas rewarded with some stunning views of Frenchman’s Bay and some of the “porcupine islands”.

Frenchman's Bay from Witch Hole Pond Carriage Road

The road continued to delight and surprise with views of marshes, beaver dams, small ponds and mountains and small feeder streams with icy waterfalls.   This particular spot kept me busy with my camera for 15 – 20 minutes.

Actually preferred shooting this in B&W (see other post)!

After 3 days of clouds, it was fantastic to get back out on this same stretch of road.  Beautiful hikes!


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Christopher McDaniel

    I’ll bet that pond is as cold as a witch’s hole! Lol.

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