Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond Hike

Tuesday evening, the rain came in and melted my nemesis (Mr. Ice).   It also brought much warmer temperatures, so off I was by mid-morning determined to make the ENTIRE hike around Eagle Lake (which is nearly 7 miles).  I also wanted to take a “detour” to an area called Bubble Pond (one of my favorite spots in the park).  The only way to get to it this time of year is to hike in, due to the closure of the park loop road.

The rain from the night before left some clouds and fog hanging over the mountain tops so I knew there would likely be some good opportunities for “atmospheric” photos.  Also, the heavy rain melted most of the snow both in town and in the mountains, so the stream run off was high, making for both an enjoyable hike and more great photo ops.

The sky, the ice, the shadows - just blew my mind - Bubble Pond

Stream near Eagle Lake

After hiking to Bubble Pond, I considered hiking up one of mountain surrounding this pond, but about half way up the run off was making the trail too dangerous for such a climb, so I turned back.   I decided instead to take the trail leading around the north side of Eagle Lake rather than one of the carriage roads.  Probably, not a great idea.       I encountered a great deal of water, slippery rocks, and some left over ice.  Took me an hour to traverse a little more than a mile!    I’m learning!  Was glad to get safely back on to the carriage road to finish my hike.

I loved the color of the ice and the pattern of the bare tree tops in this picture


You fit in the glorious hikes when you can this time of year!






About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Mmmm! Great photos as usual! Looks much nicer than my “hike” around the neighborhood today!

  2. Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you, Carol. May 2012 unfold to you in wonderful ways.

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