Triad Hike

Apologies to those of you who look forward to my photos more than my words.  I left the house today without both my camera AND my cell phone, so no pics of today’s hike.

BUT……… was such a marvelous hike, I will hike it again soon, and will definitely take along the camera!

The hike began along Jordan Pond, and just so you all have some idea of what a beautiful starting point this is, here’s  a photo from my archives.

Jordan Pond, starting point for "Triad" hike

Yes, today the water looked that blue!    The “Triad” hike consists of a series of three mountains, and the hike meanders over and around them before looping back to finish  up again along Jordan pond.   Total distance was about 3.5 miles.

As I set off, the winds were raging at a steady 20 – 25 mph along the lakeshore so I hightailed it along the water’s edge section to get into the shelter of the pine trees.   The trail terrain was broad and even for the first mile, and then the climb upward began in earnest.   However, it rose in sections, so you had time to catch your breath in between climbs.  Along the was I was treated to beautiful “ice falls”, places where the runoff had frozen coming over the large boulders that cover these mountains.   The sun broke through the forest canopy in places reflecting off the ice.   I had to watch my footing carefully (so it may be just as well that I DIDN’T have my camera) because there were ice-covered rocks and tree roots along many sections of the path.

The views from the tops of these small peaks was spectacular.  Jordan pond lay below me to the north, giving me a real sense of accomplishment to know that not very long ago I was at the water’s edge.   The waters of Seal Harbor, and Western Bay lay to the west and south.    I found a protected sun warmed rock to rest on for a bit to savor my climb and enjoy the view.

I resumed my hike and it took me over long stretches of flat boulders before turning back into the woods for the descent.   The trip down was pleasant,  with the trail taking me at one point along the edge of a small ravine.  I could hear the brook below me softly winding its way to Jordan Pond.    I took a small detour to make my way back to the parking area so  I didn’t have to endure the winds along the pond shore again!!   Too bad, because it was very scenic, but with a wind chill of about 15 degrees fh, it was just a tad chilly! 🙂    Ice had formed on the tops of the many rocks along the edge of the pond (splashed there by the wind) making “ice mushrooms”.

All in all a very satisfying hike – nice variety, good length,  and a great view from the top!


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Not too many years ago I would NEVER have believed that I would hear you rhapsodizing about hiking in 20 MPH wind chills of 15 degrees. You go girl! That just sounds brutal to me! I’d like to see those frozen “mushroom” ice formations though. Love you!

  2. It was only “brutal” for the first ten minutes. Now I’m going to have to go back on another cold and windy day to get pictures of those “mushroom” ice rocks. And a shout out to LL Bean, their heavy duty winter coats really DO keep you warm!!

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