It’s the little things……..

I found myself again walking on a section of the closed (for winter) Park Loop Road.    My destination today was Hunter’s Beach.     I arrived at low tide which gave me an opportunity to walk along a small stretch of beach and explore what had washed up on shore.   Sadly,  it included some plastic bags and bottles, as well as a couple of lobster trap buoys.   The natural items included driftwood, shells, and seaweed.

A sculpture by nature

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was warm and the breeze light, and I quickly got lost  looking for small treasures and “up close” photo opportunities.   I came across a beautiful white piece of driftwood, and mussel shell that had an almost luminous quality to it.    Together with a piece of seaweed, I created the montage pictured below.

“Treasures from the Sea”

I was feeling quite pleased with myself, when I passed by the montage created by nature which I posted yesterday “You can’t upstage mother nature”.   I repost it here because it was just amazing to me.      I look at this photo and I am reminded of several things about the natural world:   Balance,  Random Selection, and Perfection.


As I left the beach and headed back toward the parking lot, I  found myself thinking about the importance of details.    How often do we miss something amazing because we are so busy looking at the  “big picture”.   For me,  here in Acadia, it’s all of this grand scenery.  I get so caught up in “the view” that I forget about all the small miracles that are also this place.    What’s the big picture for you?    Looking at the details requires that we slow down,  focus,  observe,  and pay attention to the what is right in front of us.     What keeps you from admiring seeing the small and beautiful things in your life?    There IS beauty in the details and we can learn a great deal from taking this perspective.

It’s in the details…..

About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Ok………this is amazing…….I admit I haven’t read every post but get it to my emails……am on vacation and catching up since I have wifi for a short bit……..this is to me, right on and that “balance” rock by nature would have been God telling me He is putting it all in balance and I’m on the right “track”……..I call it confirmations and “hear” God in all of those kinds of things, I call it prophetic, you may call it symbolic and the Universe. It’s all good and cool…….again, I really admire you and as always there may be a part of me living vicariously through you especially right now as stepkid drama and healing Lyme crap and life sometimes can get the better of me……….
    But it can for all of us, no matter what we have or where we are……….It’s in the knowing we are not alone and not unloved………and you are not both…….at least in my eyes…..much love to you!!! And much life yet to come…………..Judi

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