Day Mountain Hike

I decided to challenge myself this week by hiking  a very popular trail called “Day Mountain”.  I’m not sure why it’s called Day Mountain, but certainly during the summer months it would be a great place to spend the day.   The hike was described as “moderate” in difficulty and for most of the first mile it was all uphill.   But, wow the view from the top was amazing.   To  the east I could see the Atlantic ocean, and the coast of Mount Desert Island.  To the south the village of Otter Point, looking very small from my perch of nearly 6oo feet above sea level.   To the west some of the more dominant peaks of Acadia.

Day mountain summit

The first part of the descent was pretty intense, and I was glad when I reached the portion of the trail that took me along one of the carriage roads.  During the busy season, this road is used to take visitors up to the top of Day mountain in horse-drawn carriages.   This time of year, it was just me, the birds, and the red squirrels.

Day mountain carriage road

The walk turned out to be a bit longer than I expected,  exactly a mile longer, so I was pretty tired by the time I got back to the parking lot.  But along that extra mile, I was treated to some more spectacular views.    The sun had finally shown up in earnest after a cloudy start to the day and it was hitting the pink granite on the tops of the mountains that run parallel to the coast line.   The pink mountains and the blue of ocean water – what a great location this would be from which to watch the sunrise!

Near the end of the hike!

I was glad I challenged myself.   This was a hike I had not been on before so it was a little intimidating.    I have an excellent guide-book and a compass on my phone and the trails here are well-marked.   But it was definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but how else are we to grow?   When you get to this point in life, the only one who’s going to push you out of the nest is yourself!


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. once again, I envy you.

  2. Ahh!!! More beautiful scenery! A breath of fresh air in the midst of the Christmas scurry. Thanks!

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