The Gift

Today’s walk took me to Fabbri Point along a stretch of the Park Loop Road overlooking Otter Cove. From the parking area, I was able to hike along the loop road (which was closed), heading in the direction of the Otter Cliffs (which happen to be the highest headlands on the Atlantic north of Rio de Janeiro).      It was late afternoon and sunset was approaching.   In my hour and one half walk I did not encounter one other person, and the only man-made sound I heard was the clicking of my camera shutter.   No cars, no planes, no people talking.   Only the wind rustling through the trees, the surf gently lapping the rocks below, and the occasional seagulls.

Sunset over Otter Cove

On the walk back toward my car, I was graced by the presence of three white-tailed deer.   While clearly they are accustomed to people, they were too shy to let me get close enough to take a great picture, but I did get a few clicks off before they disappeared into the woods.

Look closely, two deer!

The appearance of these deer was like a gift, unexpected and beautiful, capping off an amazing quiet and peaceful time spent in the park.    I challenge myself to retain this sense of awareness, this connection with the moment, and I know I will return to this spot, to feel its calm, it’s wisdom; and hopefully learn from what this place has to give.

Looking toward Otter Cove


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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