Great Weather + Great Hike = Amazing Day

One of the first things one must get used to in late fall (and likely winter)  here is that it is always windy.   Now I’m sure the locals don’t consider it windy until there are sustained winds of  30 mph or more.  But it’s been a constant 15 mph with higher gusts since I arrived.   But such is life next to the North Atlantic.      So I stick out as a “new arrival” with my ever-present hat and scarf while the “natives” are still walking around with a lightweight jacket.

Today was the first day (since arriving) of complete and total sunshine from sunrise to sunset.   The air was crisp, but not terribly cold, and I decided it was time to take a “serious hike”.   My destination was “Great Schooner Head”.   The path started out from Sand Beach (in Acadia) and rose 145 feet to the summit.  Yes, I know 145 feet doesn’t sound like much, but try climbing it.   There was no category on my “Daily Burn” app for “Upward Boulder Scrambling”.   But the views along the way were absolutely worth the effort.   The surf was pounding as my hike coincided with high tide.   In fact, the sound of the surf followed me along the two-mile hike, even into the woods.  I can’t help but think of how this surf has been pounding these same rocks for thousands of years (at least nine thousand according to geological “experts”), and will likely continue for thousands of more years.   I find this thought comforting even as it reminds me of the “drop in the bucket” of my life on this earth compared to nature’s cycles.

Sand Beach viewed from Great Schooner Head Overlook

Other Stuff:

Stopped in at the offices of “Friends of Acadia” NPO on my walk “uptown” this morning.   They were more than happy to welcome me as a volunteer and in fact it looks as though they have a project for me to help out with as soon as next week.

Nearing the end of my hike.



About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Sounds and looks WONDERFUL! I would even go out in the wind for that view:) Anxious to see what the Friends of Acadia may have for you to work on. Sounds like fun!

    Love, Linda

  2. Of course they have a project for you! Fresh meat for the volunteer corp – woo-hooooo! Agree with Linda, wanna hear what they have for you. And just remember that NEXT year, if you are there, you will be in the lightweight jacket!

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