Getting there is half the fun? Or maybe not.

I can happily report that the trip from Pennsylvania to Maine was rather uneventful, but long.  I am not sure that I  recommend driving 12 + hours straight overnight with only a 2 hour nap
(that was more like laying down and listening to quiet music then sleep) before leaving.   Many thanks go out to Barb C. for being my co pilot and relief driver, even though it was she that suggested we drive straight through.    She was treated to a whole new side of me when we missed our exit that would take us through northern New Jersey and instead ended up driving 95 north through NYC.   Even at 11:00 p.m. this is not a fun drive, although you do get a nice view of the Manhattan skyline.    My suggestion that we stop by to visit the Occupy Wall Street movement (since we were so close) was not met with rousing support.

So drive on we did.   Some feedback to my vet is in order, as she indicated once drugged, Pebbles and Bam Bam would likely sleep through the entire trip and wake up in their new home.   Well no, in reality they finally fell asleep about an hour before we reached our destination.  The balance of the drive was spent sitting in their carriers glassy-eyed with the occasional meow of protest.  Poor kitties.

And so we drove.   Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire passed in a blur (note to self, get an EZpass).   By hours 9 and 10 we were in the heart of Maine, not yet having made our turn east for the coast.   With the cloud cover and virtually no other traffic let me say that this was possibly the darkest stretch of road I have ever been on, where the world consisted of what the headlights could see and the contents of a very packed full car.   Needless to say it was a little confining.   The good news is that no moose appeared in the glow of our headlights!!

Driving into the sunrise the last hour of the trip was absolute relief.      Our destination was reached, we entered my new home of 400 square feet to find my 7 boxes arrived safely, albeit a bit worse for wear (thank you UPS).   The cats were released to the bed, fed and watered, where they slept away the rest of the day.    Their human counterparts (Barb and I) found the air bed and Barb even managed to figure out how to inflate it (I’m thinking she was really desperate for sleep at this point) while I unpacked a few boxes so we had room to move about.

Then a nap before exploring the town.    It feels good to be here, and the 12 hour overnight marathon drive feels worth it.  I did it!   The change I  spent the last few months implementing is now reality.    The cats while not thrilled about the change (what cat ever is?),  conduct themselves with dignity, and are adapting well.    Let the adventure begin!

Yes! It all fits!




About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. You MADE it! Enjoy your center of calm!

  2. Ok, a couple of observations from the co-pilot (Carol refused to call me “Co-pilot, sir” in spite of my refusing to answer any conversations she started with “Hey, You!…in the passenger seat!”)

    I did NOT receive much of a “personality revelation” on our pass close to, but, not “through” NYC…Carol did well, although I was afraid to talk…If we had actually had to go through NYC, however, I would have administered the other hypos of kitty sedation and driven the rest of the way…hoping that Carol would wake up in her new home!

    Driving 12 hours through the night has verified the suspicion that I am getting old and need more sleep.

    Carol’s new home is awesomely cool and I see her thriving there…

    Check out the Geddy’s web cam….I was THERE!

    Love you, Carol! Thanks for allowing me to participate in the first phases of your life in Maine!

    P.S. Don’t go shopping with Carol when she’s just driven 12 hours, overnight, and is not feeling very well! Just don’t….no matter how bad she needs kitty litter…

  3. 1. Of COURSE it all fit! No doubts about that from here!

    2. Barb C, I too have seen “that” side of Carol. My heart goes out to you.

    3. Enjoy enjoy enjoy your new chapter, Carol! Thinking of you so very often.

  4. Oh, it is good to have friends that know you so well, accept you in spite of that fact, and make you laugh.

  5. LOL at the adventure drive 🙂 Now I know where I get the “stress driver” from 🙂 I am the same way – can just picture how you were.

    Definitely GET the EZ Pass 🙂 Then I can say I told you so – LOL!
    Glad Pebbles and Bam-Bam are settling in!

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