On Empty Spaces

Tomorrow (Friday, November 18th) is settlement on the house.   I stopped by for the final visit today, to pick up the last of my mail, and to do one more “walk through” making sure everything had been cleaned out.

I reflected on all “the stuff” I had gotten rid of in preparation for this move.   Most of the furniture –  sold.  Memorabilia and collectables sold or given to family members.     Enough  in storage to furnish a small apartment if needed a year from now.

As I walked through a now empty house, it got me thinking about how having less “stuff”, and therefore, more space can affect us.

I am beginning to understand that the empty spaces (in our hearts as well as our homes)  cannot be filled, it is all about learning to live with less.   When there is emptiness (literal or figurative),  we can either rush out to fill the void, or we can sit with emptiness, embrace it,  breathe it in.   When all the spaces are filled, there is no room to move.   But when there is empty space we can stretch our arms out,  wide.   With open arms we are now in a position to receive something new and different into our lives.

So it is with my move to Maine.   That this space, now emptied of the literalness of my existence, will enable me to stretch my arms wide and be open to the possibility of a life that is totally different from the one I have now.     And today, possibility is enough.


About Carol Page-Potter

I am a woman in the midst of reconnecting with life after the death of my husband.

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  1. Empty spaces, soon to be filled with new memories and lessons. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Carol,

    Beginning to understand what you are up to. I know how difficult it’s been for you, but you have certainly come full circle. It has been a difficult time for me too, these past 2 yrs, losing both my brother and my father in a 2 week period. Little brother was ill for 9 mos before he lost his battle with MDS, a form of leukemia, Dad fell at the nursing home and sustained a severe head injury, he died 3 days later. It was more than I could bear, and Mom had left us 3 yrs before. I am now the only survivor of my birth family, but thank God daily for my husband and sons. Your loss had a great impact on me, as I no longer took my husband for granted, and have not since.

    We too, are emptying spaces, especially after inheriting all that was left of the family. Still working on photos and such, but gradually cleaning and purging. Yes, it is a good feeling!

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures unfold, as you find peace and renewal. God bless!

  3. Hey Carol — Wonderful! – I can so relate to those dam lists… LOL. I read you words and think this lady is in a puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurfect space. I think as long as we are making those lists and setting those goals – perhaps it leaves no space for the allowing. Those precious moments and experiences the Universe/God/whatever you want to name it –
    wants to send our way. Travel well my friend for we live in interesting times. Warmest Lynette

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